The Ripstop Cap Grabs Attention

Bright green military caps are one of the most sought after men’s fashion items in the urban jungle of the 21st century. A classic staple of modern fashion, the military caps can be found in many urban environments, music festivals under the blistering sun, cultural gatherings, and many other urban places with many different subcultures which can be seen rocking this trendy cap.

It never fails to grab the attention of anybody, since the stern military feel definitely makes it stand out of the vast sea of regular trucker’s caps and baseball caps. Our Ezycaps Ripstop Military Cap is a great example of a high-quality ripstop urban cap.

Not only that the military cap looks great on anybody, as its military texture and material easily stands out with style, we are also offering the option of having your logo or message embroidered and printed on the cap. It is perfect for embroidery and other transfer print ideas. It’s a great idea to promote any logo, message, or picture you may choose to print.

Designed for comfort and style, the Ezycaps Ripstop Military Cap has a loose enough material not to cause sweating. It is manufactured with a perfectly structured design which offers nothing but comfort and stability. This is the perfect promotional item for your business idea or other promotional marketing uses, if your staff appreciates a more modern and casual look.

It features high-quality ripstop fabric, an offers a range of classic colors including Black, Charcoal, Khaki, and White. It is perfect for any “tactical duty”, as well as any outdoor activity you may find yourself into. The ripstop fabric of the hat makes it very durable and tear-resistant, while the Velcro fastener ensures stability and cozy comfort.

Ripstop fabrics, as the material endures a lot of pressure and damage, are actually very carefully interwoven fabrics which are often made of nylon. They are manufactured using a special technique that reinforces the material and makes it extremely durable. It’s practically indestructible to regular tearing and ripping, as it will take an extreme amount of force to rip and tear this crosshatched high-quality military cap.

The many advantages of the fantastic ripstop material are, firstly, the great strength-to-weight ratio which gives absolute durability and light weight at the same time. At the same time, the pattern of the crosshatched weave leaves no space for tears and rips, and, amusingly enough, the same material is used for yacht sails and hot air balloons, as well as kites, parachutes, sleeping bags, and durable hammocks.

The many uses of this weave and material is proof enough that the hat’s durability is unmatched and it should definitely be on your list of essential camping and outdoors items which you do not want to find yourself without. It is absolutely necessary for any camping trips and picnics, as it provides a hefty protection against blistering suns and terrible storms.

So, if you are searching for a very effective headwear to print your company’s logo, or your team’s logo, or any other business idea, the Ezycaps Ripstop Military Cap is the way to go, and it guarantees nothing but durability and the logo will never fade away after many washes. Whether you are getting in touch with nature in the great outdoors, or you are wandering the streets of the city, the Military Ripstop Cap delivers.

Polar Fleece Beanie For a Cold Winter Promo

Cold weathers are not to be taken lightly. This 2017/2018 winter showed itself that it does not play games, as there have been many harsh temperature changes throughout the world. Preparation and warnings are to be taken very seriously into account, and most importantly, proper clothing is required.

This is where the Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie comes in. It is a trademark beanie with a cozy-soft material. It is a napped insulating fabric made from polyester which will keep your head warm and tops it off with a modern look.

Today, the modern headwear is nothing without the addition of the almighty beanie. Millenials are the ones who are generally characterized by the beanie. It is a staple in some subcultures such as the hipsters’ subculture, which can be usually seen hanging around coffee shops. Amusingly enough, they rock their beanies in the summer.

Throughout the ages, the sheer coziness the almighty beanie provides is just enough to keep it popularized for all generations, while the stylish look never fails to grab attention and effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

The Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is a one size fits most cap, which is specially designed for cold winters. The high-quality material makes sure there are no rips and tears, and above all, Ezycaps offers free embroidery on the space of the beanie for any of your promotional needs.

You can stitch any logo, message, or picture you like on the beanie and we guarantee flawless delivery. It is a perfect promotional headwear item which is characterized by sheer style and a modern 2010s look, guaranteed to attract attention. It can also be used as the perfect gifting item, but the best choice for it is to use it as a marketing and promotional item for your business needs.

Generally speaking, polar fleece is used in many types of clothes such as sweaters, sweatpants, jackets, blankets, hoodies, and many other outdoor clothing types which require a sturdy material for the harsh weather. Easy to wash, it is soft and very light, and the best quality of all is that it keeps you warm just as much as wool materials’ ability to keep a warm body temperature.

Outdoor workers such as ice fishermen will wholeheartedly appreciate the cozy warmth and comfort of our Polar Fleece Beanie. Another characteristic of the beanie is that it’s hydrophobic, meaning – it holds less water than 1% of its weight, and it dries quickly. It is the perfect alternative for wool. So if you are allergic to wool, this beanie is perfect for you!

A fact well-worthy for mentioning; it should be noted that regular polar fleece is not windproof. That means that it does not absorb moisture, can generate static electricity, and you should take great care not to put the fabric close to high temperatures. The Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is not recommended for high temperature washing and ironing.

So, if you are in a dire need of a proper headwear for the winter chill, and at the same time, you would like to stitch a logo for promotional or personal needs, the Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is a perfect choice for headwear. We guarantee high-quality, comfort, and durability. The Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is available in colours: Navy, Bottle, and Black.

Camo Truckers Cap is a True Classic

Usually worn when hunting or fishing, the Camo Truckers cap is a true classic, guaranteed to make you look like you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fisherman or a hunter. The Camo Trucker’s cap has all the comfort of the regular old trucker cap, only now it has a stylish, classic camouflage finish.

It is absolutely perfect for grabbing anybody’s attention and freely standing out from the crowd. This stylish cap is fit for branding with embroidery, as well as many other transfer print ideas that will catch anyone’s eye.

With a very genuine and modern look, the digital camouflage textures show a very hostile, yet professional attitude which suits the wearer perfectly. Additionally, its sturdy durability is only surpassed by its certain fashion and specific style. Not to mention its flexibility and comfort, the high-quality cotton material shines with a modern and digital camouflage look, perfect for casual street wear. It can be both embroidered or transfer printed with your logo. The Camo Trucker’s caps are the way to spread your very own custom message.

The cap boasts a cotton twill peak with front panels, and is made with nylon mesh sides and back panels, loose enough not to cause pesky sweating and gives breathing room. With a perfectly structured design and the cotton sweatband offers nothing but comfort.

Whether you are getting in touch with nature in the great outdoors, or you are cruising the streets of the city, this cap is for you. Tastes are naturally an individual trait which varies depending on the person who has them, as this cap is a true standard of a classic cap wear. Above all, it’s a unique type of baseball cap, but truckers popularized and assimilated it so much that it’s now called a truckers cap. One can see the difference of style and attitude it possesses.

Of course, the caps come in many customizable logos and prints, so you can promote your brand with ease. With just a simple order, we can customize the cap with your very own unique idea, spread flawlessly on the front surface to grab anyone’s attention. Indeed they are made for custom prints, and the camo doesn’t interfere with the heat transferred brand or logo.

No doubt, the trucker’s cap is absolutely a fantastic fashion item, whether it’s the streets, or the outdoors. You can ask yourself why it has become a staple of modern fashion throughout the years. It’s not because of its characteristic “dangerous” camouflage pattern that is perceived with today’s modern culture, but the simple comfort it provides, along with the ease of wearing it.

It doesn’t matter if you are an outgoing person, a sportsman, hunter, businessman, everyone is eligible for the almighty camo look. It does not correspond with the vague fashion fads that you see every day, it goes way above that.

The truckers cap is your way to go, when it comes to promotional products both embroidered and printed. The durability of the color withstands even the heaviest of washes, so it’s guaranteed that your printed logo will stay untouched as long as the cap itself. To sum up, the Camo trucker’s cap is a great way to promote your idea or logo or message, with the added touch of an urban motif and feel.

Straw Hats for Summer Promotions

You have probably heard already but it is only 3 weeks until Christmas. What that means is that is that time of year again. Time to break out the old cricket set. Time to give the old esky a clean. And time to get ready for yet another scorching summer. It is also time to think about what kind of Christmas gifts or corporate promotions you might want to prepare for your customers. Christmas is a great time to connect with your customer and show them how much you have appreciated their business. It is also a good time to have a little fun and bring some Christmas cheer to your business partners and the broader community.

A great gift for Christmas is a straw hat. Straw hats are a great accessory for any summer outfit. Not only do they keep your head cool but they more importantly keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your skin from sun burn. It is important to reinforce the message to your customers and the community of how important it is to protect yourself during summer from the harsh Australian sun. There is no better way to do that then giving your customers a straw hat or promotional cap. Here at Ezycaps we have a huge range of promotional headwear that can be custom branded with your logo. With the straw hat you can custom brand the head band that goes around the hat. You can either brand with your logo, a Christmas message or both. We also have a good range of straw hats to choose from.

So if you are thinking about a great gift for this Christmas give EzyCaps a call and we’ll set you up with a great item.

Truckers Caps versus Baseball Caps for Promo

People often ask me what is the better cap for promo. Is it the truckers cap or baseball cap? To them I say it is like deciding which is my favourite child. I love all caps as they are comfortable to wear and are so popular people all over the word. They are such a versatile item of clothing that can be worn with any attire. Whether you are wearing a two thousand dollar suit or a pair of board short and singlet there is a cap for you. Whether it is a baseball cap or a truckers cap depends on the individual and their tastes.

In reality the truckers cap is a variant of a baseball cap. However because it is popular with truckers it tends to be associated with them. Whenever and wherever you have seen a trucker you have seen them wearing a truckers cap. Indeed if you go in to any truck stop you will see an assortment of truckers caps on display for purchase. They come in all sorts of colour combinations and sometimes even with logos. Indeed they are a great cap for custom logos and printing. Generally they are printed with a heat transfer as it allows for a colourful logo on a large surface. Also unlike the baseball cap they some with a mesh back which is great for keeping the head cool.

Baseball caps are no doubt a great cap to wear. The fact that they are so compact and easy to wear is why they have become such a popular fashion item. Baseball caps can be seen anywhere these days and they are not just found being worn by sporting personalities. Indeed they are found all over the place. You see them in the work place, at schools and as a general complement to any outfit. Just like the truckers cap the baseball cap is a great custom promotional product. Unlike the truckers cap they tend to be embroidered rather then printed. This is a great option for those looking to having a more durable placement for there logo or message. Also they can be thrown in the wash without worrying about the logo washing off.

So while there may be some minor difference between trucker and baseball caps it is not that great. The mesh backing and print area are the only real difference. Both are really cool caps for both casual wear and promotional purposes.


Promotional Headwear for Christmas

As we all know christmas is just around the corner. It is that time of the year where we have to rack our brains as to what we will be giving our friends and family for Christmas. Unfortunately what is true for them is also true for our customers. How to show you dearest customer that you have appreciated their support during the year? How find them the perfect gift. Well one way is to ask EzyCaps. We have a huge range of quality headwear which is perfect so this gift giving season. While it might not seem like the obvious choice one only need to think of the fact that our Christmas falls smack bang in the middle of summer which is the best time for giving promotional caps and custom headwear as a gift.


Whilst we have a huge range of custom caps from you to choose from people usually like to narrow down the choice. For example our most popular range of promotional caps is baseball caps. Baseball caps are a mainstay of the promotional products industry. Not only are they comfortable but they are s style of cap which all people are familiar with and are comfortable wearing. We have an expensive range of baseball caps which can be branded with your logo using quality embroider which will never rub off. Baseball caps have been a popular giveaway item for many years now and you will surely please your customers by giving them one. We also have a range to suit your budget so you give them to as many customers as you want. It will be great to know that not only are you protecting your customers but that your brand will be out there for all to see this summer season.

Another great option that many corporations go for during the holiday season is the straw hat. Straw hats are a fantastic way to say thank you to your customers whilst helping them our with some summer protection and giving your brand some added reach.  We have some brilliant straw hats for you to chose from which are sure to make your customer happy. You can even custom print the hat band with a logo or message whether it just be your corporate identity of some snazzy Christmas message. Either way you have great branding options with straw hats.

Now you don’t have to give only a cap or hat to your customers for Christmas. Why not bundle it up with other promotional products. EzyCaps is part of the EzyPromos network of promotional products so all you have to do is visit our main website for other promotional products ideas. We will surely find you a great combination of gift for the upcoming festive season.

As Santa would say, “Merry Christmas too all and too all a Merry Christmas!”

Market your Business with a Straw Hat

It may be an odd choice for some, but for businesses within the sporting and leisure markets, branded hats are a great way to promote products and services as well as your business in general. Promotional straw hats offer added sun protection and style, and allow you to market to a wider audience.

A day at the cricket, a weekend music festival or a day out on the water, a straw hat is the way to go. Brand Republic offers a range of straw hats, suitable for any business in the sporting or leisure markets looking to promote their brand.

The Cowboy Straw Hat is made from breathable straw with an internal sweatband. Featuring the classic cowboy hat shape, these hats are available unbranded, or you can purchase the hat brand separately. The Cowboy Straw Hat is well made, durable and comes in a range of sizes making it a great fit for any business.

The classic Straw Hat with toggle is perfect for those in the leisure market. It’s great for backyard BBQ’s or a day out on the water. These hats have a pre-attached hat band that can’t be decorated, but you can purchase a separate hat band to be branded. The Straw Hat features green anti-glare fabric under the brim, as well as a terry towelling comfort sewn into the hat.

Branded and promotional hats are a great way to promote any business, and many companies are starting to jump on board. Hats will help sell your brand long after they’ve left your shop or office.

When you’re looking for your next promotional product, take a look at EzyCaps.

Trucker Caps Great For Millennials

When looking for a custom cap for your next campaign targeting the millennial market look no further then the trucker cap. The truckers cap has become increasing popular in recent time and is often fund being integrated in fashion shoots and film clips of all kinds. What was once confined to truck drivers alone has become a cultural icon.

Understanding millennials requires know who they are and what they represent. The millennial generation is generally characterised by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. They are tech savvy and often associate with a much more culturally diverse amount of people. They also adapt to and recognise cultural icons which they then integrate into their own identities. While it often perplexes the marketers who try to target them their diversity is what defines them.

It is probably for this reason that they have embraced the trucker cap as part of the inform which has come to represent them. The trucker cap, which is basically a baseball cap with mesh side is symbolic it that is encapsulates the free spirited attitude of this generation. The desire to be free of confines whether societal or physical. They yearn to be renegades just like the truck driver who has no home but the open road. I am sure that many a philosopher has explored the ins and outs of the association just as I am sure you have as well.

So why the truckers cap and a custom cap? Well when you are looking to identify with a demographic it is important to use the tools and indentifiers that much their buttons. One must seek to connect. And by chose this cap for your next millennial marketing campaign you will be doing just that.

So go ahead. Give us a call at EzyCaps and let us start you off with your next campaign.

Southerner Oilskin Hat For A Rainy Day

Sydney and the East Coast have seem a huge amount of rain lately. It seems like a never ending wave of rain and storms has been hitting us. Even when it has stopped briefly the humidity has been a killer. At least we have winter to look forward to. This unseasonable weather is a great time to look at a nice water friendly hat for your next marketing campaign. We Aussie’s love the outdoor and what better way to keep your head dry then the Southerner Oilskin Hat. This great hat is highly resistant to wind and rain and offers protection from the elements when working outside. It also looks great.

Promotional headwear including hats and caps are a great way to get your brand out in the community. A well worn hat or cap is testament to the longevity of your brand and the customer willingness to associate with it. Always think of a custom embroidered cap or printed hat as a way to enhance customer loyalty. For the cost of a cup of coffee or milkshake your customers will love you.

Flat Peak Cool For Promo

Flat peak caps have come to be the go to cap for promo these days. Flat peak caps have become more and more prominent in popular culture as they have been embraced my pop icons like rap singers and RnB performers. When the likes of P Diddy and Kanye West started wearing the caps it was only natural that the youth of the word will jump on the band wagon.

Flat peak caps have been around for some time though. They have been around practically since the baseball cap was invented. The curves peak took over, however, and the flat peak was rarely seen again. That was until recently when they came into fashion.

Promotional flat peak caps and great for any promotional campaign. They can be branded on the font or back of the cap. Also due to the nature of the peak they can also be branded there. They are an especially cool item for youth orientated promotional events. So if you are looking at running such a campaign you may want to consider it for your campaign.

ID Gear From Ezy Lanyards

If you are look for some ID items for your next promotional campaign look no further the Ezy Lanyards. Ezy Lanyards is a sister website of Ezy Caps and offers a huge range of printed lanyards, Wristbands and luggage straps. If you go to the website you will find the largest range of ID products in the market. Ezy Lanyards offer a great range of printing and branding options to ensure that you will get what you need for your next event.

Amongst other things they offer a great sublimation lanyard. Now you may be thinking “what is that?” Well it is quite simple. A sublimation lanyards is basically a digitally printed lanyard.

Why digital print?

Great question! You generally digital or sublimation print where there is a gradient in the logo. So if the colours of the logo or lanyard design are not solid colours you need to digital print. For practical purposes you can’t screen print a logo with a gradient. Another reason for it would be durability. You see if you sublimation print then the logo will not rub off in the long term as the print becomes part of the lanyard. With screen print over time the log can fade or rub off. With sublimation this is generally not the case.

What about there other products?

Well ezylanyards also offer wristbands, luggage straps, short straps and lanyard accessories. That said the parent company which is Ezypromos offers a one-stop shop for promotional and branded products.

So if you require a printed lanyard look no further then Ezy Lanyards

Hemp Cap Great For Promotions

Businesses have been using promotional caps for years to help bring awareness to their business, and there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be utilising them as well. Functional and a great marketing tool, the style of hat you choose should reflect your business.

For those businesses who make a point to care about the environment, the branded Hemp Cap could very well be your next marketing tool. The Hemp Hat is eco-friendly, and combines the natural strength of help with the softness of cotton to create a fashionable, yet environmentally friendly promotional cap.

Available in five great, yet natural, colour options – blue, brown, charcoal, natural or navy, the Hemp Hat has a structured six panel design, a padded cotton sweatband and Velcro closure. These features combine to produce a hat that is comfortable to wear, looks great, durable and will help promote your business. With options to either embroider or print your logo onto the cap, you’ll have no trouble drawing attention to your brand.

These caps are perfect for use as giveaways or as promotional merchandise, and are a great option for all businesses no matter which industry you’re in. Comfortable enough to wear all day, help your customers and clients stay protected from the sun.

Branded caps are used by many business – and likely by your competitors as well – but with a Hemp Hat from EzyCaps, your business will not only stand out but you’ll be helping the environment as well. Order your Hemp promotional hats today, and start bringing awareness to your business.

Custom Caps for Christmas

The festive season is upon us finally. Another year is nearly past and Christmas is around the corner. Christmas traditional is the time for gift giving and what better Christmas gift to give your beloved customers then a custom branded cap. Here at Ezycaps we have a extensive range of caps & hats;

  • baseball caps
  • sports caps
  • one fit caps
  • brushed cotton caps
  • themed caps

Our caps can be branded with your logo with embroidery or print depending on the style cap.

So if you are looking for a ideal Christmas gift look no further then promotional caps and give Ezycaps a call today.

Baseball Caps Great for Promo

History of Baseball Caps

The history of baseball caps begins in 1860. At the time the Brooklyn Excelsiors were seen to wear the ancestor of the modern rounded-top baseball cap, which incorporated a long peak and a button on top. By 1900, this style of cap became know as the “Brooklyn style” cap. The baseball cap continued to evolve during the 20th century to include stiffening material inside the hat and the peak, which  protect player’s eyes from the sun. The hat has become more structured which made it more sturdy and durable. Cap were fashioned in the official team colours so they could be easily recognised on the sporting field. In the early days of sport there were no jumbo TV screens in the stadium so it was important for fans to be able to recognise their teams from afar.

Promotional Caps

The popularity of baseball caps in sports quickly transferred to the promotional products field. Baseball caps are comfortable and easy to wear. They are durable and have a egalitarian feel about them which transcend all classes and social groups. You are just as likely to see a baseball cap being worn by a corporate leader as you are by a factory worker. They are also very appealing as they have a large area for branding. There original use of making sporting teams identifiable easily translated to making place for corporate logos. Baseball caps have become one of the most popular promotional items for any promotional campaign. The two main branding  options for custom baseball caps are:

  • Embroidery
  • Transfer print

We have a huge selection of baseball caps to suit any promotional campaign. Call EzyCaps today for your next campaign or corporate event.

Welcome to Ezycaps

Welcome to EzyCaps website. Ezycaps are a leading supplier of custom headwear in the Australian market. We have been supplying promotional apparel including caps for years now. We supply customers throughout Australia.

Ezycaps has an extensive range of caps and headwear for promotional purposes. Our extensive range includes everything from your basic baseball cap to visors and straw caps. We have caps and headwear in our range for both adults and kids.

Our extensive range and branding options can be tailored for any budget or campaign.

Call Ezycaps today for your next promotional campaign.