One Fit Caps

Custom One Fit Caps

For a small business looking for promotional apparel, one of the biggest costs can be the need to order items in various sizes to ensure your customers can find what they need in a size that fits. Our branded One Fit caps reduces this need, allowing businesses on a small budget to choose just the one item to fit their promotional and marketing needs.

Our Onefit Ottoman Cap is available in black, ensuring your branding and logo will look fantastic. With a stretchable fabric allowing natural size variation, as well as the ability to recover the shape, the Onefit Ottoman Cap is stylish, comfortable to wear and durable.

The One Fit range also includes the Onefit Sandwich Peak cap which offers the style and subtle contrast of a sandwich peak cap with the stretchable fabric found in the Onefit range. Similar to the Onefit Ottoman Cap, this branded cap can stretch for size variation and has the ability to eliminate or reduce the cap becoming misshapen.

These One Fit promotional cap options allow you to choose the best style and colour for your business, all while ensuring the longevity of the cap. Whether you’re after a promotional cap as a giveaway, or to be used as promotional merchandise, these branded caps will ensure your business stands out amongst your competitors.

If your small business is looking for a one-size approach to your next branded hat, try our One Fit range.