Artwork Policy

How To Determine Stitch Count for Embroidery

At Ezy Caps we have an artwork policy designed to get your order right every time. Please follow our policy to help us keep you satisfied.

Use the rules below, and a grid similar to the one above, to estimate your design’s stitch count.

  • 1 Large solid square 25mm x 25mm of embroidery equals approximately 2 000 stitches.
  • 1 Small solid square 5mm x 5mm of embroidery equals approximately 125 stitches.
  • No letter should be smaller than 5mm, each letter 6mm in height is equal to about 100 stitches.
  • Drop shadows in your logo will translate to 200 extra stitches per 25mm.
  • Straight lines under logos typically require 200 extra stitches per 25mm.



What Artwork does Brand Republic need?


The preferred file type for most promotional products branding is a Vector Illustrator EPS file. These files allow us to accurately manipulate and resize logos without any loss of quality, detail or accuracy. This ensures the best possible reproduction of your logo on your promotional products.


Vectored Artwork (.eps or .ai)


These are the ideal files required for the correct printing and reproduction of your logo on promotional products. Details can be changed, added or removed from vectored art such as PMS and it also allows you to change the size while maintaining quality.


Rasterized Artwork (.jpg)


Files with the .jpg extension are only suitable when the branding required is embroidery. Jpg files will need to be re-illustrated for printing and engraving. A high-res .jpg file can also be used for printing digital or offset printing jobs, though it is not a preferred file type for most logo reproduction on promotional products. Raster art is made up of pixels so is not smooth which is most obvious when you try to enlarge the image.


Fonts (.ttf)


All fonts must be either converted to outlines/curves or supplied as .ttf (TrueType) files for us to load on our system. It is preferred that all files are outlined to ensure no loss or change to your art supplied.


What if I don’t have original artwork?


We have a designer on staff so if required we can re-illustrate logos when we receive basic files. Art files supplied will be assessed on an individual basis.


Things to remember – Your Artwork Checklist:


Have you supplied us with an Illustrator EPS File or JPEG (Embroidery only) File?

Have you converted all Fonts Converted to Outlines?

Has the Pantone PMS Colours been supplied by you?


Do I see an Artwork Approval/Positional?


All orders receive an artwork approval for final checking with exact print dimensions, exact colours and your logo placed on the item for you to sign off prior to full production.

Artwork Policy