Custom Caps in The School Yard

Unless you have kids you may not have noticed but all kids are required to wear caps when they play outdoors. This is mainly due to the fact that schools are becoming increasingly conscience of the fact that kids need protection from the sun when playing outdoors in the sun. This is regardless of whether it is a sunny day or not. Summer and winter kids need to wear custom caps where playing outside. Long gone are the days when you would see children playing outside in the playground or the park without protection. With the increasing awareness of skin diseases this is no long the case.

It is not not just kids caps which kids are wearing. It is also hats. Wide-brim hats are an increasingly popular item for kids in the playground. They tend to protect more of the head than traditional caps and with their little eyelets they can help keep kids heads cool. Though the legionnaire cap also has good coverage as there is a flap at the back of the cap which covers the neck. Normal caps mainly protect the face, whereas this cap also protect the back of the head.

The caps are also being customised. Especially with private schools the school administration likes to put the school logo on the cap. It is usually as a way to fit in with the uniform. Of course the caps can be colour matched to the school uniform colours. This makes for a very smart looking ensemble with everything matching and looking good. It also makes it easier to identify students from afar so that they don’t get lost during school excursions. These custom caps are a brilliant addition to any school attire.

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Poly-Viscose Legionnaire Cap 50+ UPF Rating

The Ezycaps Poly-Viscose Legionnaire Cap is a wonderful choice for a kids’ hat, specially made for those sunny days. It’s the ultimate protection from the sun, when you need a utility promotional hat look no further than the Poly Viscose Legionnaire Hat. Of course, it is appropriate for all ages, as no one is safe from dangerous sunrays. The Legionnaire has fantastic features including a wide brim and a comfortable deeper fit which surpasses all other hats on the market in comfort and durability.

As the name suggests, the Poly-Vis Legionnaire is made from 65% polyester and 35% viscose, and our mighty Legionnaire has a 50+ “Excellent Protection” UPF rating which meets the Australian health standard requirements for UV protection. The embroidered eyelets are an excellent feature also. They are available in six colours and not to mention they come with plenty of space where you can print your company or team logo. This is an absolutely fantastic promotional item for any businesses, companies, and offices you might have, as well as sporting events and clubs. It is one of the more stand-out products which guarantees catching the attention of any customers or friends.

Whether it’s in the school yards or on field trips, our Poly Viscose Legionnaire promotional cap is a fantastic option for any schoolboys and girls. It offers absolute protection and comfort, and has a flap at the back of the hat with an adjustable Velcro touch fastener. Additionally, a padded cotton sweatband from inside the hat makes it even more comfy and firm. You can choose from a wide range of bright colours, one of which certainly matches the school colours, adding to the aesthetic style and ensuring a tidy look.

Promotional Caps For Kids

With a wide range of EzyCaps kids’ promotional caps we have, you can choose a cap of your liking that will help promoting your brand, company logo, or sporting club. Our vast array of kids’ hats is modern, stylish, and available in a range of colours which go well with any logo you might choose for printing. The Legionnaire has a lot of space where you can print any logo of your choosing, and the many colours serve as grounds for plenty of options.

It’s perfect for school yards or the sporting field, it’s well-made and built for durability and safety, not to mention the comfort it provides.

EzyCaps has a wide range of kid’s promotional caps suitable for schools, sporting clubs and organizations, and other community organizations. If you choose to use them as gifts or as standard promo merch, it is absolutely no problem. They are great for giveaways and they are a fantastic way to promote sun safety while at the same time promoting your own company or brand. You can never be too safe in the scorching sunlight.

So, whether you’re trying to protect yourself from the sun out in the field, or you are looking for a new way to promote your company or logo, or you’re simply gone fishing or camping, the Viscose Hat is what you’re after.

Poly-Viscose Legionnaire Cap

Poly-Viscose Legionnaire Caps

A great cap for schools kids to wear