The Straw Man Not The Only One Wearing Straw Hats

For anyone that has seen the “Wizard of Oz”, starring Judy Garland,, they would know the character “The Scare Crow”. The Scare Crow is made entirely of straw and even wears a straw hat. It seems fitting seeing they are all from Kansas and you know in these rural area they like to wear their straw hats. Well in Australia we also like to wear straw hats. You could say that they are part of our tradition here. They have been around forever and they will probably be around for a lot longer still. They are a simple hat made only of straw. Nice and light weight and what’s even better is that they are great at keeping the head cool. Sure other caps and hats could probably do the job, but when you live in a climate such as ours you want to make sure you have the best. The straw hat is certainly the best at keeping the head cool in the hot Australian such bar none.

What’s great about this particular type of hat is how simple it is. Some of the first hats made by humans were made from straw. The origin of the straw hat can be traced back thousands of years when humans were just starting to form civilisations and manufacturing the goods that they needed to survive. There are several styles of straw hats, but all of them are woven using some form of plant fibre. You have the straw fedora hat which is in the fedora style only had from straw not felt. You also have the straw cowboy hat which is the most iconic style of hat. You also have the plain wide-brim straw hats that you see people wearing at the beach. Basically these hats are made the same as other hats in that they are first softened by steam or by submersion in hot water and then formed by hand or over a hat block. The material is first woven out of straw and then it is shaped into a hat. More tightly woven hats are usually more expensive as they take longer to make. Also the bigger the hat is the most expensive it usually is.

What is great about these hats is that due to their versatility and durability they have many uses. Obviously they can be worn to the beach and whilst outside hiking through the woods or in the mountains. They can also be used at work and you will see them on construction sites and in the field being worn by farmers and cowboys. Due to their wide appeal they are also used in the promotional products industry. Companies put their brand on the hat band which is a great way of getting their logo out there. The straw hat has been around for a long time and the chances are that it will be around for a longer time still. Whether in their simple form or as a more expensive  kind of hat made by a designer label, you are sure you will keep seeing them out there just as you have seeing thousands of time up until now.

Branded Caps The Ever Enduring Promotional Product

It is easy to say the Branded Caps are merely a summer promotional product. I mean it seems even the logical explanation to say that considering it is precisely during summer that the sun is shining and people are trying to protect them selves from the sun. It is even logical that companies would try and capitalise on this reality and use branded caps as a way to promote they products and services. Who could blame them? Summer is after all the time that the general population spends the majority of the time recreating outdoors. It is almost a cliche but summer is the season of the great outdoors. Can you blame companies for not taking advantage of this world wide phenomena. Can you blame them for making branded caps such an integral part of their promotional products strategy.

Well the truth is that the branded cap is an ever enduring promotional product. I would put branded caps as part of the top ten promotional products. This list would read as such:

  • Promotional Pens
  • Promo USBs
  • Business apparel and corporate apparel
  • Custom Printed Umbrella
  • Promotional Bags
  • Printed Lanyards
  • Personalised Drink Bottles
  • Corporate Chocolates
  • Custom Mouse Mats
  • And of course Branded Caps

Every single of the products mentioned above has been or is still a hot product in the promotional products industry. Most of them still are a hot product and all of them are amongst the list of most poplar corporate gifts. The thing about branded caps is that they will continue to be an enduring promotional product as long as the sun in shining. Considering that it has been shining for between for the last 13 billion years and will be shining on the planet for at least another six billon years I would say that they will be a use for branded caps for some time to come. Even is he earth remains habitable for just a billion years that is still a long time for a use for promotional caps and branded caps.


Branded Caps For The Future of Your Brand

Bruce Lee used to say, “Before I learn kung-fu a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick. Whilst I was learning kung-fu a punch was no longer a punch and a kick was no longer a kick. After I learned kung-fu a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick”. What does this have to do with branded caps? Plenty! When is a cap not just a cap? When it is branded. A branded cap is not simple a cap like so many others that you see on the street. A branded cap is something much more than that. A branded cap is a cap with your logo on it which makes it the most important cap there is. So if you are planning to put your logo onto a cap then it is imperative that you chose the write cap because sometimes even a cap is not just a cap.

Promotional caps have been around for a long time. Indeed promotional caps are one of the first promotional items to come into existence. When the first chain restaurants like McDonalds can along the first thing they did was to give their employees a cap. They did even really distribute them to customers. They just made their staff wear them to show that they were a team just like a baseball team. It became so common that even fast-food restaurant in the world now has staff wearing branded caps. You would be car pressed to find one anywhere that does.

However branded caps are not just for fast-food restaurant. They are the future of promotional marketing. The sun isn’t going to cool down any time soon and with the increase awareness of the dangers of being in the sun the humble cap will become even more important. Every promotional products purchase should include a custom branded cap. They are not even that expensive which is what also makes them a no-brainer. Sure give away any other product that you think is good for you to give but don’t forget to give your customers a cap.

Custom Caps in The School Yard

Unless you have kids you may not have noticed but all kids are required to wear caps when they play outdoors. This is mainly due to the fact that schools are becoming increasingly conscience of the fact that kids need protection from the sun when playing outdoors in the sun. This is regardless of whether it is a sunny day or not. Summer and winter kids need to wear caps where playing outside. Long gone are the days when you would see children playing outside in the playground or the park without protection. With the increasing awareness of skin diseases this is no long the case.

It is not not just kids caps which kids are wearing. It is also hats. Wide-brim hats are an increasingly popular item for kids in the playground. They tend to protect more of the head than traditional caps and with their little eyelets they can help keep kids heads cool. Though the legionnaire cap also has good coverage as there is a flap at the back of the cap which covers the neck. Normal caps mainly protect the face, whereas this cap also protect the back of the head.

The caps are also being customised. Especially with private schools the school administration likes to put the school logo on the cap. It is usually as a way to fit in with the uniform. Of course the caps can be colour matched to the school uniform colours. This makes for a very smart looking ensemble with everything matching and looking good. It also makes it easier to identify students from afar so that they don’t get lost during school excursions. These custom caps are a brilliant addition to any school attire.

Custom Caps a Year Round Promotional Item

When looking at the perfect promotional product you might sometimes be tempted to place the cap in the summer basket. Whilst it might be right to divide other products along seasonal grounds the same is not true for custom caps. Granted that with other products it is a little more clear cut. Your promotional coffee mugs might be viewed as a winter item. Promotional umbrellas also for rainy winter months or other rainy periods. By this same logic you might designate the promotional cap as a summer product. If you were to do so you would be wrong. Custom caps are a year round item and here are some reasons why.

  1. Uniforms. Caps and hats are part of all sorts of uniforms these days. From schools to council workers and contraction workers and beyond people are increasingly finding the humble cap to be part of their work attire. Some schools won’t even lets the kids out in the playground without wearing their caps of hats. And with outdoor workers it is an OH&S issue so they have no choice. That is why providing a custom branded cap is always in demand no matter what time of the year.
  2. We live in Australia. Yes that is right. We live in one of the sunniest countries on the face of the earth. Indeed we enjoy more sunny day in winter than most other countries do all year round. That is another great reason to indulge in custom caps as we actually live in a country that needs them more than most.
  3. They are a great product. More than anything else the best reason to give a custom cap at anytime of the year is that they are a great promotional product. They are inexpensive and come in a huge range. They also brand well with the most popular option being embroidery which looks good and lasts long.

So as you can see there is never a bag time of the year for custom and promotional caps. In fact there is no time like the present to add a custom branded cap or custom printed hat to your promotional products range.

Custom School Caps to Promote Your Brand

Companies are always looking at ways to promote their branded and raise there profiles with the community. Advertising and marketing can be a costly pursuit which requires a large budget. Both traditional and new age marketing methods can be costly and easily eat into any companies budget. This is why it is import to choose a marketing campaign which will achieve the goal of improving the companies profile but also creating the greatest good for the community at large.

To this end promotional caps for kids are a great way to achieve these objectives. Custom school caps are an inexpensive way to spread corporate identity and engage with the community. Kids Caps and Kids Hats are a very basic product which perform and important task. They keep kids safe from the sun while they are placing outside. These days there is an increasing awareness for the need to protect oneself from the effects of excessive exposure to the sun. Australia has amongst the highest rates of skin cancer in the world so it is important to promote proactive clothing to a younger generation. What better way to do this then to provide custom branded caps and hats to school children. Kids caps and kids hats are well used. Kids carry there caps around with them wherever they go. Indeed in many school kids are not even allowed to go out to play with out first putting on a cap or hat.

If you are looking at promoting your brand look no further then kids hats and caps. It is a great way to do something positive for the community whilst also promoting your brand and lifting the profile of your products and services.

Face Winter Head on With a Branded Beanie

Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes a great marketing opportunity for businesses in the adventure and leisure field. Customised promotional beanies are a fantastic way to get your business name out and about in front of a large audience base, getting your current customers do all the work in doing so.


Whether you supply products to those looking at a winter snow adventure, or those who love getting out on the water to catch the winter fish, a promotional beanie that is well made and long lasting, can be a great addition to your apparel range.


EzyCaps has a large range of beanies to choose from that are suitable for a range of purposes and a range of customers so you have plenty of options. It is good to remember that beanies aren’t just a winter option – if you have customers looking at adventuring overseas, even holding a small stock throughout summer may mean you get more customers through the door.


The Cable Knit Beanie is a real fashion accessory and with availability in four great basic colours, this beanie is perfect for those looking for a stylish look while they sit at the footy or are out and about camping. With plenty of branding options, these beanies won’t break your budget.


Our Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap beanie is a good option for those who love to get out for a run in the early hours of the morning. They are windproof and lightweight and offer a warm polyester stretch-knit construction. These beanies are on the more expensive end of the scale, however they offer the option for either an embroidered or printed logo. You may find they hit a rather small market, but for runners looking for a beanie that will stay on, this is the one for them.


For your customers who love camping in the middle of winter, you can’t beat the Helix Knitted Fleece Beanie. Warm and comfortable to wear, these beanies will certainly keep your customers going on the coldest of nights while they bunker down in their tents or go stargazing. With a microfleece interior, these beanies are a great way to promote your business while keeping your customers warm.


If you’re after a budget friendly item, both for your own marketing budget and for your customers, the 100% Acrylic Beanie is a solid option. This knitted acrylic beanie, available in two standard colours options, is comfortable, warm and will look great with an embroidered logo. They are great for those who love chasing fish in the middle of winter, or for your customers looking for a basic beanie for work or recreational purposes.


Quality winter apparel can be hard to chase down, and for businesses looking to expand their branded apparel range, beanies can be a great addition. Why not contact the team at EzyCaps on 1300 753 675 to find out the best products for your winter apparel range.

Poly-Viscose Legionnaire Cap 50+ UPF Rating

The Ezycaps Poly-Viscose Legionnaire is a wonderful choice for a kids’ hat, specially made for those sunny days. It’s the ultimate protection from the sun, when you need a utility promotional hat look no further than the Poly Viscose Legionnaire Hat. Of course, it is appropriate for all ages, as no one is safe from dangerous sunrays. The Legionnaire has fantastic features including a wide brim and a comfortable deeper fit which surpasses all other hats on the market in comfort and durability.

As the name suggests, the Poly-Vis Legionnaire is made from 65% polyester and 35% viscose, and our mighty Legionnaire has a 50+ “Excellent Protection” UPF rating which meets the Australian health standard requirements for UV protection. The embroidered eyelets are an excellent feature also. They are available in six colours and not to mention they come with plenty of space where you can print your company or team logo. This is an absolutely fantastic promotional item for any businesses, companies, and offices you might have, as well as sporting events and clubs. It is one of the more stand-out products which guarantees catching the attention of any customers or friends.

Whether it’s in the school yards or on field trips, our Poly Viscose Legionnaire promotional cap is a fantastic option for any schoolboys and girls. It offers absolute protection and comfort, and has a flap at the back of the hat with an adjustable Velcro touch fastener. Additionally, a padded cotton sweatband from inside the hat makes it even more comfy and firm. You can choose from a wide range of bright colours, one of which certainly matches the school colours, adding to the aesthetic style and ensuring a tidy look.

With a wide range of EzyCaps kids’ promotional caps we have, you can choose a cap of your liking that will help promoting your brand, company logo, or sporting club. Our vast array of kids’ hats is modern, stylish, and available in a range of colours which go well with any logo you might choose for printing. The Legionnaire has a lot of space where you can print any logo of your choosing, and the many colours serve as grounds for plenty of options.

It’s perfect for school yards or the sporting field, it’s well-made and built for durability and safety, not to mention the comfort it provides.

EzyCaps has a wide range of kid’s promotional caps suitable for schools, sporting clubs and organizations, and other community organizations. If you choose to use them as gifts or as standard promo merch, it is absolutely no problem. They are great for giveaways and they are a fantastic way to promote sun safety while at the same time promoting your own company or brand. You can never be too safe in the scorching sunlight.

So, whether you’re trying to protect yourself from the sun out in the field, or you are looking for a new way to promote your company or logo, or you’re simply gone fishing or camping, the Viscose Hat is what you’re after.

Ezycaps Chequered Flag Cap

A day at the races is nothing without the ultimate in chequered headwear. Nothing beats our Ezycaps Chequered Flag Cap. Our Ezycaps Chequered Flag cap is a regular characteristic headwear with brushed heavy cotton and it features a five-panel structure perfect for printing and branding your very own company logo or message. It is the ultimate in promoting your company or brand while making you feel like you’re at your “Days of Thunder”.

Look no further, for you’ve found your next business’ promotional idea. We have a wide array of caps to choose from for your business, but the Chequered Flag cap really takes the cake. You can choose for either promotional uses or for the true sportsmanship supporter, there are caps for everybody and for every occasion, just name it. Our caps are high quality, well-manufactured, comfy and modern.

If your company or organization is looking for ways to spruce up a better promotional campaign for your business, you can easily find the cap of your choice within our ranks. One such hat is the Chequered Flag cap. The cap is perfect for any occasion and it is great for any racing-themed events and it has space to flawlessly carry your embroidered and printed logo or message. An awesome way to promote your company logo with ease.

The cap features a structured low profile and a pre-curved peak with a fabric strap and buckle. It is a soft cap made to fit all head sizes, effortlessly and flexibly fitting to the wearer’s head size at his comfort. In simplicity lies greatness, but the main promotional feature is that the cap utilizes high-quality printing and embroidery which carries your message and brand logo with ease, while the sheer size of the cap’s area ensures any idea to be well-executed.

It is typical for the cap to be worn at the races, but it goes well with any companies’ logos. The Ezycaps Chequered Flag cap is also the perfect gift for the ones who are fans of the racing sports. The promotional utility is that the prints are guaranteed to stay and not fade for a very long time, ensuring your message or logo remains visible and noticed by all, not to mention the sheer durability and comfort it provides.

So, if your sport-themed company is in need of an excellent promotional item for any of your company’s endeavors, we have the perfect cap for you.

The Effects of Trade War on Branded Caps

The news has been full of reports about Donald Trumps new tariffs ona whole range of goods worth over AUD$120 billion against China. This is a trade conflict which has been brewing for some time now and has the potential to cause major headaches in global trade. President Trump was very forward about his intention to fight China in trade and their perceived protection of their own industries during the presidential election. Indeed it was very popular amongst his constituents. Now he has hit out with a whole range of tariffs with China reciprocating with its own. President Xi has also been trying to set a conciliatory tone in order to calm the situation.

Whilst the tariffs mainly only on Chinese goods entering the United States of America they have the potential to a profound effect on global trade. China is the second largest economy in the word and is the largest purchaser of commodities from a range of countries which including Australia. Any disruption to their supply chain can have a domino effect on the world economy according to leading economists. Any effect on China’s demand for commodities has the potential to exert downward pressure on prices. Similarly a cut in China’s own industrial production might push prices higher for consumer and promotional goods such as branded caps.

How this will effect promotional caps and branded caps is something that remains to be seen. Capss are manufactured from raw materials which are purchase on the international market like cotton. Therefore any movement in those raw material pricing can have an effect on baseball caps pricing. On the flip side if Chinese loses access to the US lanyard market then there may be excess supply of capss which could push prices lower for the rest of the world. So as you can see the effect of President Donald Trump’s new protectionist policies have on baseball cap pricing is a real concern to the promotional products and corporate merchandise industries.

Most caps are manufactured in China or other countries in Asian like Vietnam. If there is a disruption to the markets then one might expect a broader effect on the pricing of such products. Factories in countries like Vietnam might see opportunity to raise prices. What effect they will have we will have to wait and see.

Dream Time Cap for Indigenous Events

For all you non-Australian folk out there, Dreamtime refers to a religious, cultural, and mythological worldview which is generally characterized by ancient Australian Aboriginal beliefs. The term was coined by early anthropologists to explain “The Dreaming” which is used to represent Aboriginal concepts for mythical time or “time out of time”. The Aborigines thought that during this time, the sacred land was inhabited by their heroes and ancestors which were believed to possess supernatural abilities.

We should know that this magical Dreamtime has now become a cultural phenomenon and an important part in global pop-culture, bewildering and charming tourists and natives alike. It is represented through many symbols and mainly red and yellow colors.

The Ezycaps Dreamtime Cap has this covered. Is there any better ways to honor the ancestors while looking good at the same time? We offer cultural appreciation through this distinctive headwear which will guarantee to stand out among the most stylish of caps.

The Dreamtime Cap can be embroidered and is available for many printing ideas you may have. Superb for promotional customization, personal uses, or sheer marketing ideas, your company’s logo will be featured on a symbolic cultural item which honors the legends of the ancestors.

With a very versatile material and stylish texture, the cap lends itself to indigenous-themed events and cultural manifestations of its kind. It is best if you show your support and appreciation or simply show your support to our indigenous first settlers.

When one requires proper headwear, look no further than the almighty 6-panel cap design. A standard classic cap of our time, the Velcro fastener, the semi-circular peak, and the padded cotton sweatband all make it one of the best choices you can make when it comes to buying headwear.

It is worth mentioning that the sizable cap is perfect for printing and stitching any promotional and marketing logo idea you might have for your company or business. The Ezycaps Dreamtime Cap is characterized by embroidered eyelets, an adjustable strap, a structured 6-panel design, and a pre-curved peak which is quite comfy.

The heavy-brushed cotton makes it worthwhile, and the Ezycaps Dreamtime Cap comes in black, red, and gold colours, representing the sacred Dreamtime colours. The white embroidery edging is also available, and a logo of your choice of course.

Typically, the cap also utilizes logos for companies, businesses, and any other types of logos you wish to have printed on the side. The padded sweatband and 100% polyester material make sure the cap is durable and flexible enough for any wearer, while the five-structured panel design and Velcro fastener ensure stability and comfort.

Great for outdoors, the Ezycaps Dreamtime Branded Cap is a soft cap with a stiff bill eye-shade in front and a rounded crown for all head sizes. The cap can effortlessly fit to the wearer’s head size, as the back side provides flexibility. The main promotional feature is that the baseball cap can also be used for printing any logos or pictures on the cap’s surface.

The Ezycaps Dreamtime Cap is the perfect headwear for honoring the sacred Aboriginal tradition with an urban style.

Hi Vis Caps For a Safe Work Place

The Hi Vis Reflector cap is one of our most sought after clothing items, perfectly suited for promotional uses while at the same time, provides protection for regulative safety on the roads and streets. It is a perfect promotional item if you are a biking organization, or a land development or construction team who is looking to get your logo embroidered on promotional items.

A perfect blend of form and function, the Ezycaps Hi Vis Reflector cap offers style, comfort, and road safety. You’ll have the confidence you need wearing one of these caps with a reflective strip around the front and sides, ensuring safe biking.

The cap’s fluorescent feature makes sure that the visibility stays the same, day or night. The sun’s ultraviolet rays increase daytime visibility, while the passing car’s headlights light up the cap during night rides. Amusingly enough, the fluorescent effect is much stronger in poor light conditions, so when you are riding your bike during the fog or dusk, have no fear.

It’s fluorescent during the day and reflective in the night.

During those long night rides, proper equipment is required as passing cars illuminate the reflective areas of the cap and instantly warns the drivers about any present bikers on the road. One can never be too careful. Wearing one of our Ezycaps High Visibility Reflector caps means high quality and safety.

Daylight is an important factor as well. Our high quality caps can really help out during the day, just as much as it’s effective during those tricky nocturnal rides. Foggy weather, rainy forecasts, and those grey autumn afternoons must not be underestimated.

Always remember to wear a fluorescent material on yourselves. On those problematic weathers it’s imperative that one responsible man wears a fluorescent material on himself, for the safety of pedestrians and drivers alike.

The quality reflective material works instantly, and makes sure the drivers see you on time, guaranteeing absolute safety. It can save lives.

The Ezycap Hi-Vis Reflector Cap is made with a lightweight weave, has embroidered eyelets, and is equipped with green anti-glare fabric under the peak. It’s unique, casual style suits just about anybody and its hi-vis polyester fabric with a pre-curved peak ensures absolute comfort.

It also offers high quality hi-vis reflective attributes which signals coming passersby. The reflective strip is along the peak edges and side panels, while the Velcro touch fastener makes sure that stability and comfort is at its finest.

One of the most important features of the Ezycaps Hi Vis Reflector is the option to stitch any logo you’d like. Be it a company logo, corporate or business, or even your own personal idea, we deliver nothing but high-quality embroidery. The Hi Vis Reflector Work Cap can be embroidered with your very own corporate logo, absolutely great for biking and civil work organizations.

Here at Ezycaps, we promote quality, comfort, and most importantly – safety, at all times. Always remember to wear your protective and reflective material while on the road. The Ezycaps Hi-Vis Safety Cap has you covered. There are many accidents related to improper road equipment and misinformation, so please be safe.

The Baseball Cap is an Endless Classic

When proper headwear is required, nothing beats a true classic like the American baseball cap. Our Ezycaps Impact Baseball Cap is a regular characteristic headwear and it features a five-panel structure which allows great printing and decorating options for your logo or marketing idea.

Great for outdoors, the Ezycaps Impact Baseball Cap is a soft cap with a stiff bill eye-shade in front and a rounded crown for all head sizes. The cap can effortlessly fit to the wearer’s head size, as the back side provides flexibility and it has a Velcro adjuster that may be modified to fit many different head sizes. The main promotional feature is that the baseball cap can also be used for printing any logos or pictures on the cap’s surface.

Typically containing sports team logos and baseball teams, the cap also utilizes logos for companies, businesses, and any other types of logos you wish to have printed on the side. The padded sweatband and 100% polyester material make sure the cap is durable and flexible enough for any wearer, while the five-structured panel design and Velcro fastener ensure stability and comfort. The peak is also pre-curved and the embroidered eyelets guarantee nothing but high-quality headwear.

Of course, the baseball cap is an essential part of a traditional baseball uniform worn by players, as a classic American pass-time. Nobody can resist its traditional look and feel. The brim shields the eyes from the sun and the cap is often seen as an essential part in everyday casual wear as well as sports uniforms.

Throughout history, the baseball cap has had its ups and downs and peak popularities in different eras. In 1860, the baseball legends Brooklyn Excelsior’s wore a typical prototype of the modern rounded-top baseball cap. It was later popularized as “The Brooklyn Style” cap around the beginning of the 20th century. Later, flexible material such as latex rubber was used for the stiffening texture for the inside of the cap around the 40s, and thus, the modern baseball cap has cemented its look and feel to this day.

For better eye protection and shading, the “bill” or “brim” was specially designed for the baseball players, ensuring shade from the pesky sunlight not to ruin their vision or concentration. Back in the early days of baseball, the brim was much shorter and throughout the ages the baseball cap became more complex and sturdy, as the structure has changed over the years.

It is still an important part of the modern day baseball uniform and, above all, it is a staple of recognition and symbol for a baseball team, as the logo was placed right on the cap, be it the mascot, or the main team’s symbol. Usually, the caps were painted in the original colors of a specific baseball team, but now, the basic shape, including the bill and backside, are similar to the 19th century versions of the cap. The Ezymugs Impact Baseball Cap is available in black colour.

Today, baseball caps are made of various materials, textures, and shapes, and are used for many different purposes. Golfing, fishing, trucking; all of these professions and hobbies are always in need of a high-quality baseball cap for many functions.

It is important to mention that major and minor league baseball players wear the classic version of the wool baseball caps, but they can sometimes utilize a more flexible material such as polyester to be used for their team’s logo and symbol.

The Ezycaps Impact Baseball Cap is absolutely perfect for gifting, and for your many promotional uses, as the prints will not fade away, ensuring your company’s or sports team’s logo will remain visible and recognizable by your clientele. If you are searching for the perfect cap for any promotional purpose or marketing and corporate use, look no further, for the Ezycaps Impact Baseball Cap offers nothing but sheer quality, durability, style, and a classic American look.

The Digi Camo Cap Aesthetic and Trendy

The Digi Camo Cap is an aesthetic combination of a trendy, modern look and the classic style of the camouflage hunting hat. You just simply can’t go fishing or hunting without one of these bad boys. It is a true classic cap, equipped with such style and comfort you can’t find anywhere else.

The manly Digi Camo Cap looks great on anyone, especially hunters, fishermen, and the burly men and women who like to enjoy the great outdoors. It provides the comfort of a regular truckers cap, and is distinctively characterized by its military texture and look.

With a stylish digital camouflage finish, a regular nylon mesh, as well as comfortable cotton twill, the high-quality material really emphasizes the fashion of a classic camouflage look with a modern 21st century feel. The Ezycaps Digi Camo Cap offers nothing but sheer durability and flexibility, but most of all it can be embroidered or transfer-printed along with a logo of your choosing.

Of course, when it comes to fashion, taste in clothes always varies from person to person. Some people like the minimalistic approach of plain and pastel colors, while others want to kick it up a notch with an aggressive style like the military camo texture.

The Digi Camo Cap is, above all, a unique type of baseball cap. Then came the truckers and assimilated it that it’s now called a truckers cap, while at the same time popularizing the standard wear. The hard style attitude is what makes this product so great, as nobody can ignore the outstanding military camouflage texture.

Manufactured with a cotton twill peak with front panels, and made with nylon mesh sides and back panels, the Digi Camo is loose enough not to cause sweating and gives breathing room for your head. With a perfectly structured design and cotton sweatband, the cap offers comfort and stability.

Most importantly, the cap offers the option to print logos and various colored prints, so you can promote your company brand. All you need to do is just order and say what you would like to print on the cap, and we can customize the cap with your very own unique idea. We should mention that the Digi Camo doesn’t interfere with the heat transferred brand or logo and it will spread with no problems across the cap.

It is simply perfect for grabbing anybody’s attention and stand out from the crowd. This stylish cap is fit for branding with embroidery, as well as many other transfer print ideas that will catch anyone’s eye. The Digi Camo custom branded caps is a great way to spread your brand and built custom loyalty.

When it comes to choosing the perfect promotional products, both embroidered and printed, then the Digi Camo Cap is the way to go. The durability of the color withstands even the heaviest of washes, so it’s guaranteed that your printed logo will stay untouched as long as the cap itself.

Don’t hesitate, the Digi Camo Cap is a great way to promote your idea or company logo. Whether you are getting in touch with nature in the great outdoors, or you are wandering the streets of the city, this cap is for you.

The Ripstop Cap Grabs Attention

Bright green military caps are one of the most sought after men’s fashion items in the urban jungle of the 21st century. A classic staple of modern fashion, the military caps can be found in many urban environments, music festivals under the blistering sun, cultural gatherings, and many other urban places with many different subcultures which can be seen rocking this trendy cap.

It never fails to grab the attention of anybody, since the stern military feel definitely makes it stand out of the vast sea of regular trucker’s caps and baseball caps. Our Ezycaps Ripstop Military Cap is a great example of a high-quality ripstop urban cap.

Not only that the military cap looks great on anybody, as its military texture and material easily stands out with style, we are also offering the option of having your logo or message embroidered and printed on the cap. It is perfect for embroidery and other transfer print ideas. It’s a great idea to promote any logo, message, or picture you may choose to print.

Designed for comfort and style, the Ezycaps Ripstop Military Cap has a loose enough material not to cause sweating. It is manufactured with a perfectly structured design which offers nothing but comfort and stability. This is the perfect promotional item for your business idea or other promotional marketing uses, if your staff appreciates a more modern and casual look.

It features high-quality ripstop fabric, an offers a range of classic colors including Black, Charcoal, Khaki, and White. It is perfect for any “tactical duty”, as well as any outdoor activity you may find yourself into. The ripstop fabric of the hat makes it very durable and tear-resistant, while the Velcro fastener ensures stability and cozy comfort.

Ripstop fabrics, as the material endures a lot of pressure and damage, are actually very carefully interwoven fabrics which are often made of nylon. They are manufactured using a special technique that reinforces the material and makes it extremely durable. It’s practically indestructible to regular tearing and ripping, as it will take an extreme amount of force to rip and tear this crosshatched high-quality military cap.

The many advantages of the fantastic ripstop material are, firstly, the great strength-to-weight ratio which gives absolute durability and light weight at the same time. At the same time, the pattern of the crosshatched weave leaves no space for tears and rips, and, amusingly enough, the same material is used for yacht sails and hot air balloons, as well as kites, parachutes, sleeping bags, and durable hammocks.

The many uses of this weave and material is proof enough that the hat’s durability is unmatched and it should definitely be on your list of essential camping and outdoors items which you do not want to find yourself without. It is absolutely necessary for any camping trips and picnics, as it provides a hefty protection against blistering suns and terrible storms.

So, if you are searching for a very effective headwear to print your company’s logo, or your team’s logo, or any other business idea, the Ezycaps Ripstop Military Cap is the way to go, and it guarantees nothing but durability and the logo will never fade away after many washes. Whether you are getting in touch with nature in the great outdoors, or you are wandering the streets of the city, the Military Ripstop Cap delivers.

Polar Fleece Beanie For a Cold Winter Promo

Cold weathers are not to be taken lightly. This 2017/2018 winter showed itself that it does not play games, as there have been many harsh temperature changes throughout the world. Preparation and warnings are to be taken very seriously into account, and most importantly, proper clothing is required.

This is where the Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie comes in. It is a trademark beanie with a cozy-soft material. It is a napped insulating fabric made from polyester which will keep your head warm and tops it off with a modern look.

Today, the modern headwear is nothing without the addition of the almighty beanie. Millenials are the ones who are generally characterized by the beanie. It is a staple in some subcultures such as the hipsters’ subculture, which can be usually seen hanging around coffee shops. Amusingly enough, they rock their beanies in the summer.

Throughout the ages, the sheer coziness the almighty beanie provides is just enough to keep it popularized for all generations, while the stylish look never fails to grab attention and effortlessly stand out from the crowd.

The Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is a one size fits most cap, which is specially designed for cold winters. The high-quality material makes sure there are no rips and tears, and above all, Ezycaps offers free embroidery on the space of the beanie for any of your promotional needs.

You can stitch any logo, message, or picture you like on the beanie and we guarantee flawless delivery. It is a perfect promotional headwear item which is characterized by sheer style and a modern 2010s look, guaranteed to attract attention. It can also be used as the perfect gifting item, but the best choice for it is to use it as a marketing and promotional item for your business needs.

Generally speaking, polar fleece is used in many types of clothes such as sweaters, sweatpants, jackets, blankets, hoodies, and many other outdoor clothing types which require a sturdy material for the harsh weather. Easy to wash, it is soft and very light, and the best quality of all is that it keeps you warm just as much as wool materials’ ability to keep a warm body temperature.

Outdoor workers such as ice fishermen will wholeheartedly appreciate the cozy warmth and comfort of our Polar Fleece Beanie. Another characteristic of the beanie is that it’s hydrophobic, meaning – it holds less water than 1% of its weight, and it dries quickly. It is the perfect alternative for wool. So if you are allergic to wool, this beanie is perfect for you!

A fact well-worthy for mentioning; it should be noted that regular polar fleece is not windproof. That means that it does not absorb moisture, can generate static electricity, and you should take great care not to put the fabric close to high temperatures. The Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is not recommended for high temperature washing and ironing.

So, if you are in a dire need of a proper headwear for the winter chill, and at the same time, you would like to stitch a logo for promotional or personal needs, the Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is a perfect choice for headwear. We guarantee high-quality, comfort, and durability. The Ezycaps Polar Fleece Beanie is available in colours: Navy, Bottle, and Black.

Camo Truckers Cap is a True Classic

Usually worn when hunting or fishing, the Camo Truckers cap is a true classic, guaranteed to make you look like you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a fisherman or a hunter. The Camo Trucker’s cap has all the comfort of the regular old trucker cap, only now it has a stylish, classic camouflage finish.

It is absolutely perfect for grabbing anybody’s attention and freely standing out from the crowd. This stylish cap is fit for branding with embroidery, as well as many other transfer print ideas that will catch anyone’s eye.

With a very genuine and modern look, the digital camouflage textures show a very hostile, yet professional attitude which suits the wearer perfectly. Additionally, its sturdy durability is only surpassed by its certain fashion and specific style. Not to mention its flexibility and comfort, the high-quality cotton material shines with a modern and digital camouflage look, perfect for casual street wear. It can be both embroidered or transfer printed with your logo. The Camo Trucker’s caps are the way to spread your very own custom message.

The cap boasts a cotton twill peak with front panels, and is made with nylon mesh sides and back panels, loose enough not to cause pesky sweating and gives breathing room. With a perfectly structured design and the cotton sweatband offers nothing but comfort.

Whether you are getting in touch with nature in the great outdoors, or you are cruising the streets of the city, this cap is for you. Tastes are naturally an individual trait which varies depending on the person who has them, as this cap is a true standard of a classic cap wear. Above all, it’s a unique type of baseball cap, but truckers popularized and assimilated it so much that it’s now called a truckers cap. One can see the difference of style and attitude it possesses.

Of course, the caps come in many customizable logos and prints, so you can promote your brand with ease. With just a simple order, we can customize the cap with your very own unique idea, spread flawlessly on the front surface to grab anyone’s attention. Indeed they are made for custom prints, and the camo doesn’t interfere with the heat transferred brand or logo.

No doubt, the trucker’s cap is absolutely a fantastic fashion item, whether it’s the streets, or the outdoors. You can ask yourself why it has become a staple of modern fashion throughout the years. It’s not because of its characteristic “dangerous” camouflage pattern that is perceived with today’s modern culture, but the simple comfort it provides, along with the ease of wearing it.

It doesn’t matter if you are an outgoing person, a sportsman, hunter, businessman, everyone is eligible for the almighty camo look. It does not correspond with the vague fashion fads that you see every day, it goes way above that.

The truckers cap is your way to go, when it comes to promotional products both embroidered and printed. The durability of the color withstands even the heaviest of washes, so it’s guaranteed that your printed logo will stay untouched as long as the cap itself. To sum up, the Camo trucker’s cap is a great way to promote your idea or logo or message, with the added touch of an urban motif and feel.

Straw Hats for Summer Promotions

You have probably heard already but it is only 3 weeks until Christmas. What that means is that is that time of year again. Time to break out the old cricket set. Time to give the old esky a clean. And time to get ready for yet another scorching summer. It is also time to think about what kind of Christmas gifts or corporate promotions you might want to prepare for your customers. Christmas is a great time to connect with your customer and show them how much you have appreciated their business. It is also a good time to have a little fun and bring some Christmas cheer to your business partners and the broader community.

A great gift for Christmas is a straw hat. Straw hats are a great accessory for any summer outfit. Not only do they keep your head cool but they more importantly keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your skin from sun burn. It is important to reinforce the message to your customers and the community of how important it is to protect yourself during summer from the harsh Australian sun. There is no better way to do that then giving your customers a straw hat or promotional cap. Here at Ezycaps we have a huge range of promotional headwear that can be custom branded with your logo. With the straw hat you can custom brand the head band that goes around the hat. You can either brand with your logo, a Christmas message or both. We also have a good range of straw hats to choose from.

So if you are thinking about a great gift for this Christmas give EzyCaps a call and we’ll set you up with a great item.

Truckers Caps versus Baseball Caps for Promo

People often ask me what is the better cap for promo. Is it the truckers cap or baseball cap? To them I say it is like deciding which is my favourite child. I love all caps as they are comfortable to wear and are so popular people all over the word. They are such a versatile item of clothing that can be worn with any attire. Whether you are wearing a two thousand dollar suit or a pair of board short and singlet there is a cap for you. Whether it is a baseball cap or a truckers cap depends on the individual and their tastes.

In reality the truckers cap is a variant of a baseball cap. However because it is popular with truckers it tends to be associated with them. Whenever and wherever you have seen a trucker you have seen them wearing a truckers cap. Indeed if you go in to any truck stop you will see an assortment of truckers caps on display for purchase. They come in all sorts of colour combinations and sometimes even with logos. Indeed they are a great cap for custom logos and printing. Generally they are printed with a heat transfer as it allows for a colourful logo on a large surface. Also unlike the baseball cap they some with a mesh back which is great for keeping the head cool.

Baseball caps are no doubt a great cap to wear. The fact that they are so compact and easy to wear is why they have become such a popular fashion item. Baseball caps can be seen anywhere these days and they are not just found being worn by sporting personalities. Indeed they are found all over the place. You see them in the work place, at schools and as a general complement to any outfit. Just like the truckers cap the baseball cap is a great custom promotional product. Unlike the truckers cap they tend to be embroidered rather then printed. This is a great option for those looking to having a more durable placement for there logo or message. Also they can be thrown in the wash without worrying about the logo washing off.

So while there may be some minor difference between trucker and baseball caps it is not that great. The mesh backing and print area are the only real difference. Both are really cool caps for both casual wear and promotional purposes.


Promotional Headwear for Christmas

As we all know christmas is just around the corner. It is that time of the year where we have to rack our brains as to what we will be giving our friends and family for Christmas. Unfortunately what is true for them is also true for our customers. How to show you dearest customer that you have appreciated their support during the year? How find them the perfect gift. Well one way is to ask EzyCaps. We have a huge range of quality headwear which is perfect so this gift giving season. While it might not seem like the obvious choice one only need to think of the fact that our Christmas falls smack bang in the middle of summer which is the best time for giving promotional caps and custom headwear as a gift.


Whilst we have a huge range of custom caps from you to choose from people usually like to narrow down the choice. For example our most popular range of promotional caps is baseball caps. Baseball caps are a mainstay of the promotional products industry. Not only are they comfortable but they are s style of cap which all people are familiar with and are comfortable wearing. We have an expensive range of baseball caps which can be branded with your logo using quality embroider which will never rub off. Baseball caps have been a popular giveaway item for many years now and you will surely please your customers by giving them one. We also have a range to suit your budget so you give them to as many customers as you want. It will be great to know that not only are you protecting your customers but that your brand will be out there for all to see this summer season.

Another great option that many corporations go for during the holiday season is the straw hat. Straw hats are a fantastic way to say thank you to your customers whilst helping them our with some summer protection and giving your brand some added reach.  We have some brilliant straw hats for you to chose from which are sure to make your customer happy. You can even custom print the hat band with a logo or message whether it just be your corporate identity of some snazzy Christmas message. Either way you have great branding options with straw hats.

Now you don’t have to give only a cap or hat to your customers for Christmas. Why not bundle it up with other promotional products. EzyCaps is part of the EzyPromos network of promotional products so all you have to do is visit our main website for other promotional products ideas. We will surely find you a great combination of gift for the upcoming festive season.

As Santa would say, “Merry Christmas too all and too all a Merry Christmas!”