Why We Love School Caps (And You Should, Too!)

Some people think that love is too strong a world. Is it though? What is so bad about loving something or someone. Nothing. Sure Buddhists say that infatuation can be a bad thing but love itself isn’t. So when we say that we love school caps we mean it. We mean it even more when we say that we love custom school caps. So we know why we love custom school caps. Now it is time for your to find out why you should too. It will be one of those things that changes your life forever. Believe you me it will never be the same.

Why You Should Love School Caps?

The are a number of reason that you should also love custom school caps and include them in your promotional marketing merchandise. The reasons once you see them will blow your mind if not your budget. That is because custom school caps are an inexpensive item which will resonate with your target market. Especially if your target market is kids or their parents.

  1. They Brand Well. Yes that is right. Custom school caps are great for branding. They have a large area for branding. Also because you will most likely be embroidering them you know that it will last.
  2. They are inexpensive. Yes they are. Even the most premium of school caps will not set you back very much. It only gets a bit more costly if you have a big logo as with embroidery you pay per stitch.
  3. You will be helping kids. This is probably one of the most important reasons. By giving kids caps you will be protecting them from the sun thereby helping those little ones.
  4. The Parents will love you. Parents love their kids right? So by doing something good for their kids they will ipso facto love you too. It is just logical.
  5. Expand your brand. This one is a no brainer but it is worth mentioning. If you want to “expand your brand” then you need to get it out there in the open. What better way to do that then get a bunch of kids to where one of your custom school caps.

So as you can see there are many reasons to love school caps and in particular custom school caps. The question now is will you act upon it and incorporate it into your next corporate marketing or merchandising campaign. I honestly think you should.


A Custom Cap for Work and School

Once again it is warming up and before you know it summer will be here again. With the winter months behind us we will be heading outdoors more and more. With that means exposure to the scorching sun and our need to wear protective headwear to keep our heads covered. Whether you are at work or at school you will need to get yourself a cap. There is nothing worse than getting sunburned or heatstroke after a day out in the sun. So keep yourself cool and get your school or work place some custom caps the keep all your players safe.


Caps for Work

There are lots of jobs out there that require staff to work outside. From bricklayers to park rangers and everything in between there are a heap of jobs that require staff  to wear work caps. A lot of these work caps are high vis work caps because there is a need to stay safe by being visible. This is especially true about people who work on construction sites. You need to do everything to make yourself known to the people around you. There is heavy machinery and other hazards which necessitate not just the wearing of work caps but also high visibility ones. That is not to say that all custom work caps are high vis in the work place but there are many none the less. So whilst construction workers might wear them, park rangers don’t. A park range with usually wear a green branded cap of a wide brim hat to get the sun of their faces. Construction workers will usually wear a legionaries type work cap, a plain branded cap or sometimes even a wide brim hat. Especially with road workers you see them wearing wide brim hats as they are usually standing around all day directing traffic or something similar.

Caps for School

Schools these day are a lot more regulated than they were in our day and age. Kids are requires to wear kids caps when they are out doors. A lot f the time they are not even allowed outside without their caps. I guess school administrators are aware of the need to protect children from the element. It is for this reason that custom school caps are so popular. Rather then wearing any old cap schools like their pupils to wear custom school caps branded with the school insignia so that they are easier to identify. Keeping out intruders is of major concern for school administrator and enforcing the wearing of school uniforms is one way to do it. Custom school caps have become standard part of the school uniform precisely for that reason. I guess that explains why in the field of promotional caps that custom school caps place such a prominent roll.


Whilst caps are a popular item in general in our society you can bet that you will continue to see them more and more as part of the workplace and schools for years to come.

The Ezycaps Kids Twill Cap

The Ezycaps Kids Twill Cap is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to picking a straightforward and stylish option for a promotional campaign. It is a wonderful kids’ hat with all the features of comfort, style, and quality you can expect, especially made for happy, sunny days.

It comes in two colours; red and sky blue, and it offers maximum durability, quality, and an astute protection from nasty sunrays. We also offer you the unique choice of printing any logo, message, or idea you might have, for any promotional purposes and organizations. It is the ultimate in kids’ headwear and style.

The Kids Twill Cap is regarded as a top-notch choice, and it’s ideal for kindergartens, clubs, community groups and organizations. Also, the Kids Twill Cap is the perfect cap for any sporting events and local games, a fantastic clothing item which goes well and is appropriate for any events. It’s especially made for the young sports fans and keeps the sun off of their little faces, while at the same time promoting your brand or company logo.

It offers maximum comfort and stability, and features a Velcro fastener to fit head sizes from 51cm to 55cm. The cotton twill material fits perfectly with comfort and the embroidered eyelets ensure high-quality. The cap goes well with embroidering up to seven colours. Any idea you might have for your company logo or message will be transferred to the cap very visibly and will stay for a long, long time.

These hats are a great promotional merchandise tool, or perfect for giveaways and marketing activities. Budget friendly and a great way to promote your brand, our branded Kids Twill Cap will ensure your little supporters won’t miss out on supporting their favourite sporting team, and ensures that your brand will be in front of many more eyes, bringing awareness to your brand.

Plenty of space where you can print your company or team logo. This is an absolutely fantastic promotional item for any businesses, companies, and offices you might have, as well as sporting events and clubs. It is one of the more stand-out products which guarantees catching the attention of any customers or friends.

School Caps and Beanies for Winter Promotions

It may very well be true that this Wuhan virus has crippled our economy to an extend. I mean almost everything is closed and that includes most schools. Sure the private and independent schools have been given the go ahead to open but most public schools are either closed or limited in their operations. All of this means that kids are mostly at home either doing a bit of work or on their computers playing video games.That said it won’t be much longer before kids are back at school and all is back to normal. We can’t live like this forever so at some point things will need to get back to normal.

When things do get back to normal kids will need to get some headgear. Kids will be going back during winter and all effort should be taken to keep them healthy. Nobody wants a bunch of sick kids even with just the common cold during a time of heightened paranoia. A great way to keep school kids health is to keep them warm whilst they are out side. A beanie is an excellent way to achieve that objective. Beanies have been a mainstay of the Australia kid’s wardrobe since the day they were invested. Although they are not part of a lot of school uniforms the truth is that they should be. It makes no sense that in a country that loves beanies so much that they would not be a part of every schools uniform.

It is not just beanies that will be in demand when student final go back to school en masse. They will also need school caps. The kind of school caps available to students depends on what they want. If it is just a plain cap then you would have the kids caps of baseball caps options. I they want some more protection then maybe something like the legionaries caps of bucket hats might be the better option. Whatever it is you just got to get some headwear on the heads of those kids. After all kids are the future. So we have to treat them right and help them lead the way. We need to show them all the beauty they possess inside. We need to show them a better place to make is easier etc.

Embroidered Caps For Most Logos

There is nothing worse than getting a product branded with your logo and then having it fade away. Many companies sell branded products that and a lot of them are great. It is especially great when you have a company such as Brand Republic that understands branded products very well and knows which branding processes are best for each product. The people at Brand Republic are considered specialist in the field of branded products in the promotional products industry. Understanding products is not just about understand printing processes. It is also about understanding what the customers requirements are. One of the requirements is durability of the branding. This is where embroidery comes in because it is one of the most durable forms of branding there is, along with laser engrave and embossing.

Embroidery is usually and exclusive done on headwear and apparel. You need to be branding on material in order to be able to embroider. You can’t do embroidery on a plastic product for example because how would the needle penetrate the plastic. It can’t can it. So that in mind it is obvious that you can only embroider cloth products such as polo shirts, scarfs and caps (although there are other items also). To embroider you need to setup the product in a jig which holds it in place while it is being embroidered using a needle. The needle then threads the string into the item creating the logo. It is quite a fascinating process and interesting to watch. Seeing a whole bunch of machines embroidering a bunch of caps is like a symphony of stitching.

So that said it is clear that embroidered caps are a great option where longevity is required. With embroidered caps you know that the logo will last as long as the product itself. I am yet to see a cap where the embroidery has come off or been rubbed off. Usually the caps itself dies before the embroidery. Which is why so many companies entrust embroidery as a method to transfer their brand onto a corporate gift or corporate uniform.

When a Cap is Not Just a Cap

The legendary Bruce Lee was fond of saying that a punch is just a punch and a kick is just a kick. When you are talking about caps one would be tempted to say the same thing. That a cap is just a cap. In many case a cap is just a cap, and a hat is just a hat. But that is not to say that it is true on all instances. There are some time when a cap isn’t just a cap. There are times when it is much more than just that. For those times it is important to think about what you are saying and what it means. If you look at it more closely sometimes things are more than they seem. Even Bruce Lee knew that and understood that although there may be benefit in trying to simplify the understanding of kung fu, That did not mean they you could ignore the complexities that are involved with it.

So when is a cap not just a cap. Well a cap is always a cap, let’s get that straight. To ignore the complexity of its existence is something more. First there is the promotional caps. With promotional caps, or custom caps as they are also know, the idea is not just to provide someone with a cap. The idea is to put your logo on a cap so that the person remembers who gave it to them. The purpose is also so that people who see the promotional cap being worn know who gave that person a cap. It is the ultimate gift as it is the gift that keep on give. It keeps the recipient protected from the sun and it gives the giver of the gift the knowledge that their logo will be out there for people to see. From a personal perspective it is great and from a corporate perspective it is even better.

The other time it is more complex than it seems is when you look at the function of promotional caps or custom caps. The function that the cap performs is to keep a person safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Sure it is important to get some sunshine so you can get your dose of vitamin D but you still need to protect yourself from prolonged exposure to the sun. You only really need 15 minutes a day in the sun to get your required dose of sunshine. Anything more than they is excess which is especially problematic in Australia where the sun’s rays are more harmful. So in that context a promotional cap or custom cap carries much more meaning than being a simple garment that you wear like a fashion accessories. It is not just a fashion accessory. Promotional caps are much more than that and need to be recognised as such.

So next time you think about what Bruce Lee said and how it correlates to the humble cap think hard before making simply assumption.

Wear Your Work Cap When Doing Electrical Work

Yesterday I had an interesting one. I had just put on my work cap when my missus told me that the guys at the rental were having some trouble with the lights. The girls had said that a few bulks needed changing and looks like a few more were going to go. It was all the lights in the living room that were in question. My obvious reaction was that it didn’t sound right. Usually lights just go suddenly. They don’t slowing flicker and die eventually, they go right away. So I was sceptical and though probably the girls had turned the dimmer and thought the lights were going out. It would not have surprised me as they have had other issues in the pst which turned out to be something absolutely ridiculous, so why wouldn’t I think the same would be the case now. So I head down there with a mate with both of us wearing our work caps. It is important to wear a work cap when working because it protects your head. It might be the sun, it might be falling debris. Whatever it is you should always wear your work cap or even a straw hat if that is all you have.

Anyway I went down there with my tools. Just some screw drivers and pliers which is all you need when you are doing electrical work. We drove down to the inner city from the fringes of the inner west, as that is where we were, and that is where we were going. Luckily we found parking outside the house which made things easier. Somethings, especially during the week, it is hard to find parking in the street. There is so much construction going on in the area that it is crazy. So we parked the car and when in to the house. The living room is the first place to get to when you enter the house so the switch was right there. I turned on the lights and they were dim. I though “here we go. They didn’t turn up the dimmer”. So I turned up the dimmer and it is there that I took of my workers cap and could see that the lights were flickering. I mucked around with it and determined that the dimmer had gone.

So I decided that we would try and change the dimmer our self. So I put back on my workers cap and we headed off for the nearest Bunnings. Now Bunnings had been on the corner of Bourke St and Gardeners Road for years. For some reason they decided to change locations to Euston Road Alexandria. It is not far but still I didn’t know where is was so it was a hassle. We eventually found the Bunnings, it was the first time I had been to this one. It is split across two levels like the one a Kingsgrove which I hate. Why not just have it on one level like most if them. Who wants to go up and down escalators with a trolly full of heavy stuff. Anyway you take what you get so we went up stair. Their we found the switches but unfortunately Bunnings doesn’t stock Clipsal switched anymore. We found a switch with a dimmer which we thought might work. I bought it and off we went.

When we got back again we took off our work caps because we were in doors. We took the dimmer off the other switch and put it on the other. When we turned the lights on they worked but this time I could hear a hissing noise. It sounded dangerous so we switch to the power and disconnected the switch. It was then that I decided that I would replace the halogen lights with LED one. LED lights are safer and use less energy. I figured if I am going to have to have an electrician in there to fix the dimmer than I might as well change the halogen lights as well. So now I am waiting for an electrician to get back to me with a price. I am hopeful that we will be able to resolve the issue.

Sonny Thompson Says Branded Caps Good Investment

The great ‘bigmacologist ‘ Sonny Thompson is a exact in all things great. He has been studying ‘bigmacology’ for a long time know. For those that don’t know what it is about, it is about all things great. Now you may say you have never heard the term, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t, but it exists, at least for the purpose of this article. Studying all things great is not easy. There are many things that we could call great. Indeed there is a guy in America who claimed he could make the entire country great again. Thats not to say that it ever lost its greatness but I guess everything can be even greater. Take caps for example, they are great. Caps have always been great because they perform a very important function / functions. Not only do caps form a cover for our heads, they also protect us form certain elements. They can protect us from the sun, from the cold, from the wind and other things as well. Caps are a ‘great’ fashion item. You see literally any number of celebrities wearing caps. They are worn by sports stars and the common man / woman alike.

So how to you take something that is already great and make it ‘greater’? How can you take some made from brushed cotton (mainly), fashioned into the shape of a head, in a size that can fit all, and make it even better. The way you do this is by branding the cap. I am not talking about getting a hot iron and burning a word on it, although thinking about it that would be pretty cool. I am talking about attached a logo or message to the cap. Like that other guy in America, the business man, that handed out caps with the slogan “Make Soda Grape Again”. You see the guy really loves soda and he loves grapes. He wanted to get people to drink grape soda, instead of just juice, so he handing out branded caps with that slogan. People loved it and low and behold they started drink grape juice again.

Other companies have also seen the benefits of using branded caps to promote their ideas. They have been using them for years and will probably still be using them way into the future. The next time you see a branded cap anywhere this about that poor fellow who took a simple idea and make it into something so much more. You can even think about using it for your own application and spread the word to other people who might benefit from them also. What have you got to lose. Absolutely nothing.

The Different Types of Promotional Caps

In the field of promotional products the humble caps stands supreme. By supreme I am not referring to the immensely popular skater brand out of the USA nor the copy by the Italian firm, what I am saying is that it is very popular when compared to all the other promotional products that there are out there. There are five reasons that I can think of from the top of my head that makes the promotional cap so popular. These include:

  1. The are great.
  2. Promotional caps are inexpensive
  3. Caps can be branded with almost any logo.
  4. People love to wear caps
  5. Whats not to love about caps?

For these reasons and more the promotional cap reigns supreme like I already said amongst its peers in the promotional products industry. Sure there might be other products which are also pretty good but let’s face it, none are as good as promotional caps, more precisely baseball caps.

So what kind of caps exist in the promotional cap field. Well there are a number of options which I will go through right here.

Branded Caps

Branded caps are just that. They are caps which are branded with a logo. With branded caps you can take a cap and put your logo on it. Millions of companies do it and there is no reason why every company in the world should not have a branded cap. The best thing about branded caps is all the branding options. Options for branding include:

  • Embroidery
  • Screen Print
  • Transfer Print

The branding options available make it easy to put almost any logo on a cap. With embroidery you would want a more simple logo with spot colours. With screen print you can get a bit more funky and with transfer print you can more or less eat your heart out.

Custom Caps

You would think that a custom cap is just a glorified branded cap but you would be wrong. Yes with custom caps you are putting your logo but often wise it is a whole lot more. With custom caps you are usually going a bit further than say branded. Usually with custom caps you are looking at other aspects of the cap like;

  • the colour
  • the make
  • the style
  • etc

So you might say “hey I like that cap but can you change the colour”. Or you might want to totally custom PMS match the cap to your corporate colours. This might require getting the cap made in the factory overseas but still you can definitely do it. Many companies opt too customise their custom caps simply because they have to adhere to corporate branding guidelines.

Printed Caps

Whilst printing is an option for promotional caps it is not the most common one. Companies choose to go with printed caps mainly when they are looking at a small run. Sometimes they don’t care about the durability of the branding so they reckon printed caps will do the trick. Whatever the case printed caps are definitely an option when it comes to promotional caps and custom caps. It is a option which should not be dismissed simply because it is not the most popular.

Whilst these might be some of the options when it comes too branding a cap when it comes to the caps these selves the world is the limit. There are literally thousands of caps out there. Some are just simple baseball caps in a mono colour. Others are more elaborate with different themes such as racing or indigenous themed. What is sure is that there is a cap for everyone out there.




BaseBall Caps an American Sports Tradition

When you look at the sports that Americans love the most you would probably nominates 3 or 4 sports. Sports in America has always been different to the sports the rest of the world love to watch. In Europe, Asia, South America and Africa soccer or football reign supreme. Not in America. In the countries of the British commonwealth you also have cricket. Granted that tennis is as popular in America as the rest of the world but it is not the most popular sport anywhere. In America they have their own mix of sports which consist of;

  • American Football (NFL)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Ice Hockey (NHL)

Whilst basketball is also popular in Europe the quality of play is nowhere near the USA. With Hockey the only place it is more popular is in Canada.

Just as popular as all these sports is the humble baseball cap. Baseball caps are a clothing item which transcend all sports. You don’t see fans of all sports walking around wearing a football helmet. You don’t even see them walking around wearing a hockey mask, unless you are Michael Myers. What you do see is fans of all sorts of sports walking around wearing baseball caps. Baseball caps have become the headwear of choice for sports all around the world from soccer to tennis, and rugby to whatever you can think of. It is strange but the humble baseball came reigns supreme when it comes to sports attire. Visit a team store anywhere in the world and no matter what the sport is you will find baseball caps as part of the merchandising line up.

This is probably why the baseball caps is the most popular custom cap as well. When companies look at integrating custom caps into their promotional products list or as part of their corporate uniform they inevitable look at the baseball cap. That is because the baseball caps is the perfect headwear item. The popularity of the baseball caps isn’t just because its association with baseball itself, although I am sure it plays some part. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is the perfect kind of cap. It is not too big. It fits snuggly around the head. Due to its design it doesn’t get blown off the head easily during a windy day the way that a bucket hat or straw hat would. They are adjustable which means it is easy to have it as a one size fits all option. All these factors and more also explain why it is so popular as a custom cap. Indeed this is precisely why it could be call the best promotional caps and the best promotional products around. I challenge anyone to nominate a better item.

The Straw Man Not The Only One Wearing Straw Hats

For anyone that has seen the “Wizard of Oz”, starring Judy Garland,, they would know the character “The Scare Crow”. The Scare Crow is made entirely of straw and even wears a straw hat. It seems fitting seeing they are all from Kansas and you know in these rural area they like to wear their straw hats. Well in Australia we also like to wear straw hats. You could say that they are part of our tradition here. They have been around forever and they will probably be around for a lot longer still. They are a simple hat made only of straw. Nice and light weight and what’s even better is that they are great at keeping the head cool. Sure other caps and hats could probably do the job, but when you live in a climate such as ours you want to make sure you have the best. The straw hat is certainly the best at keeping the head cool in the hot Australian such bar none.

What’s great about this particular type of hat is how simple it is. Some of the first hats made by humans were made from straw. The origin of the straw hat can be traced back thousands of years when humans were just starting to form civilisations and manufacturing the goods that they needed to survive. There are several styles of straw hats, but all of them are woven using some form of plant fibre. You have the straw fedora hat which is in the fedora style only had from straw not felt. You also have the straw cowboy hat which is the most iconic style of hat. You also have the plain wide-brim straw hats that you see people wearing at the beach. Basically these hats are made the same as other hats in that they are first softened by steam or by submersion in hot water and then formed by hand or over a hat block. The material is first woven out of straw and then it is shaped into a hat. More tightly woven hats are usually more expensive as they take longer to make. Also the bigger the hat is the most expensive it usually is.

What is great about these hats is that due to their versatility and durability they have many uses. Obviously they can be worn to the beach and whilst outside hiking through the woods or in the mountains. They can also be used at work and you will see them on construction sites and in the field being worn by farmers and cowboys. Due to their wide appeal they are also used in the promotional products industry. Companies put their brand on the hat band which is a great way of getting their logo out there. The straw hat has been around for a long time and the chances are that it will be around for a longer time still. Whether in their simple form or as a more expensive  kind of hat made by a designer label, you are sure you will keep seeing them out there just as you have seeing thousands of time up until now.

Branded Caps The Ever Enduring Promotional Product

It is easy to say the Branded Caps are merely a summer promotional product. I mean it seems even the logical explanation to say that considering it is precisely during summer that the sun is shining and people are trying to protect them selves from the sun. It is even logical that companies would try and capitalise on this reality and use branded caps as a way to promote they products and services. Who could blame them? Summer is after all the time that the general population spends the majority of the time recreating outdoors. It is almost a cliche but summer is the season of the great outdoors. Can you blame companies for not taking advantage of this world wide phenomena. Can you blame them for making branded caps such an integral part of their promotional products strategy.

Well the truth is that the branded cap is an ever enduring promotional product. I would put branded caps as part of the top ten promotional products. This list would read as such:

  • Promotional Pens
  • Promo USBs
  • Business apparel and corporate apparel
  • Custom Printed Umbrella
  • Promotional Bags
  • Printed Lanyards
  • Personalised Drink Bottles
  • Corporate Chocolates
  • Custom Mouse Mats
  • And of course Branded Caps

Every single of the products mentioned above has been or is still a hot product in the promotional products industry. Most of them still are a hot product and all of them are amongst the list of most poplar corporate gifts. The thing about branded caps is that they will continue to be an enduring promotional product as long as the sun in shining. Considering that it has been shining for between for the last 13 billion years and will be shining on the planet for at least another six billon years I would say that they will be a use for branded caps for some time to come. Even is he earth remains habitable for just a billion years that is still a long time for a use for promotional caps and branded caps.


Branded Caps For The Future of Your Brand

Bruce Lee used to say, “Before I learn kung-fu a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick. Whilst I was learning kung-fu a punch was no longer a punch and a kick was no longer a kick. After I learned kung-fu a punch was just a punch and a kick was just a kick”. What does this have to do with branded caps? Plenty! When is a cap not just a cap? When it is branded. A branded cap is not simple a cap like so many others that you see on the street. A branded cap is something much more than that. A branded cap is a cap with your logo on it which makes it the most important cap there is. So if you are planning to put your logo onto a cap then it is imperative that you chose the write cap because sometimes even a cap is not just a cap.

Promotional caps have been around for a long time. Indeed promotional caps are one of the first promotional items to come into existence. When the first chain restaurants like McDonalds can along the first thing they did was to give their employees a cap. They did even really distribute them to customers. They just made their staff wear them to show that they were a team just like a baseball team. It became so common that even fast-food restaurant in the world now has staff wearing branded caps. You would be car pressed to find one anywhere that does.

However branded caps are not just for fast-food restaurant. They are the future of promotional marketing. The sun isn’t going to cool down any time soon and with the increase awareness of the dangers of being in the sun the humble cap will become even more important. Every promotional products purchase should include a custom branded cap. They are not even that expensive which is what also makes them a no-brainer. Sure give away any other product that you think is good for you to give but don’t forget to give your customers a cap.

Custom Caps in The School Yard

Unless you have kids you may not have noticed but all kids are required to wear caps when they play outdoors. This is mainly due to the fact that schools are becoming increasingly conscience of the fact that kids need protection from the sun when playing outdoors in the sun. This is regardless of whether it is a sunny day or not. Summer and winter kids need to wear caps where playing outside. Long gone are the days when you would see children playing outside in the playground or the park without protection. With the increasing awareness of skin diseases this is no long the case.

It is not not just kids caps which kids are wearing. It is also hats. Wide-brim hats are an increasingly popular item for kids in the playground. They tend to protect more of the head than traditional caps and with their little eyelets they can help keep kids heads cool. Though the legionnaire cap also has good coverage as there is a flap at the back of the cap which covers the neck. Normal caps mainly protect the face, whereas this cap also protect the back of the head.

The caps are also being customised. Especially with private schools the school administration likes to put the school logo on the cap. It is usually as a way to fit in with the uniform. Of course the caps can be colour matched to the school uniform colours. This makes for a very smart looking ensemble with everything matching and looking good. It also makes it easier to identify students from afar so that they don’t get lost during school excursions. These custom caps are a brilliant addition to any school attire.

Custom Caps a Year Round Promotional Item

When looking at the perfect promotional product you might sometimes be tempted to place the cap in the summer basket. Whilst it might be right to divide other products along seasonal grounds the same is not true for custom caps. Granted that with other products it is a little more clear cut. Your promotional coffee mugs might be viewed as a winter item. Promotional umbrellas also for rainy winter months or other rainy periods. By this same logic you might designate the promotional cap as a summer product. If you were to do so you would be wrong. Custom caps are a year round item and here are some reasons why.

  1. Uniforms. Caps and hats are part of all sorts of uniforms these days. From schools to council workers and contraction workers and beyond people are increasingly finding the humble cap to be part of their work attire. Some schools won’t even lets the kids out in the playground without wearing their caps of hats. And with outdoor workers it is an OH&S issue so they have no choice. That is why providing a custom branded cap is always in demand no matter what time of the year.
  2. We live in Australia. Yes that is right. We live in one of the sunniest countries on the face of the earth. Indeed we enjoy more sunny day in winter than most other countries do all year round. That is another great reason to indulge in custom caps as we actually live in a country that needs them more than most.
  3. They are a great product. More than anything else the best reason to give a custom cap at anytime of the year is that they are a great promotional product. They are inexpensive and come in a huge range. They also brand well with the most popular option being embroidery which looks good and lasts long.

So as you can see there is never a bag time of the year for custom and promotional caps. In fact there is no time like the present to add a custom branded cap or custom printed hat to your promotional products range.

Custom School Caps to Promote Your Brand

Companies are always looking at ways to promote their branded and raise there profiles with the community. Advertising and marketing can be a costly pursuit which requires a large budget. Both traditional and new age marketing methods can be costly and easily eat into any companies budget. This is why it is import to choose a marketing campaign which will achieve the goal of improving the companies profile but also creating the greatest good for the community at large.

To this end promotional caps for kids are a great way to achieve these objectives. Custom school caps are an inexpensive way to spread corporate identity and engage with the community. Kids Caps and Kids Hats are a very basic product which perform and important task. They keep kids safe from the sun while they are placing outside. These days there is an increasing awareness for the need to protect oneself from the effects of excessive exposure to the sun. Australia has amongst the highest rates of skin cancer in the world so it is important to promote proactive clothing to a younger generation. What better way to do this then to provide custom branded caps and hats to school children. Kids caps and kids hats are well used. Kids carry there caps around with them wherever they go. Indeed in many school kids are not even allowed to go out to play with out first putting on a cap or hat.

If you are looking at promoting your brand look no further then kids hats and caps. It is a great way to do something positive for the community whilst also promoting your brand and lifting the profile of your products and services.

Face Winter Head on With a Branded Beanie

Winter is just around the corner, and with it comes a great marketing opportunity for businesses in the adventure and leisure field. Customised promotional beanies are a fantastic way to get your business name out and about in front of a large audience base, getting your current customers do all the work in doing so.


Whether you supply products to those looking at a winter snow adventure, or those who love getting out on the water to catch the winter fish, a promotional beanie that is well made and long lasting, can be a great addition to your apparel range.


EzyCaps has a large range of beanies to choose from that are suitable for a range of purposes and a range of customers so you have plenty of options. It is good to remember that beanies aren’t just a winter option – if you have customers looking at adventuring overseas, even holding a small stock throughout summer may mean you get more customers through the door.


The Cable Knit Beanie is a real fashion accessory and with availability in four great basic colours, this beanie is perfect for those looking for a stylish look while they sit at the footy or are out and about camping. With plenty of branding options, these beanies won’t break your budget.


Our Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap beanie is a good option for those who love to get out for a run in the early hours of the morning. They are windproof and lightweight and offer a warm polyester stretch-knit construction. These beanies are on the more expensive end of the scale, however they offer the option for either an embroidered or printed logo. You may find they hit a rather small market, but for runners looking for a beanie that will stay on, this is the one for them.


For your customers who love camping in the middle of winter, you can’t beat the Helix Knitted Fleece Beanie. Warm and comfortable to wear, these beanies will certainly keep your customers going on the coldest of nights while they bunker down in their tents or go stargazing. With a microfleece interior, these beanies are a great way to promote your business while keeping your customers warm.


If you’re after a budget friendly item, both for your own marketing budget and for your customers, the 100% Acrylic Beanie is a solid option. This knitted acrylic beanie, available in two standard colours options, is comfortable, warm and will look great with an embroidered logo. They are great for those who love chasing fish in the middle of winter, or for your customers looking for a basic beanie for work or recreational purposes.


Quality winter apparel can be hard to chase down, and for businesses looking to expand their branded apparel range, beanies can be a great addition. Why not contact the team at EzyCaps on 1300 753 675 to find out the best products for your winter apparel range.

Poly-Viscose Legionnaire Cap 50+ UPF Rating

The Ezycaps Poly-Viscose Legionnaire is a wonderful choice for a kids’ hat, specially made for those sunny days. It’s the ultimate protection from the sun, when you need a utility promotional hat look no further than the Poly Viscose Legionnaire Hat. Of course, it is appropriate for all ages, as no one is safe from dangerous sunrays. The Legionnaire has fantastic features including a wide brim and a comfortable deeper fit which surpasses all other hats on the market in comfort and durability.

As the name suggests, the Poly-Vis Legionnaire is made from 65% polyester and 35% viscose, and our mighty Legionnaire has a 50+ “Excellent Protection” UPF rating which meets the Australian health standard requirements for UV protection. The embroidered eyelets are an excellent feature also. They are available in six colours and not to mention they come with plenty of space where you can print your company or team logo. This is an absolutely fantastic promotional item for any businesses, companies, and offices you might have, as well as sporting events and clubs. It is one of the more stand-out products which guarantees catching the attention of any customers or friends.

Whether it’s in the school yards or on field trips, our Poly Viscose Legionnaire promotional cap is a fantastic option for any schoolboys and girls. It offers absolute protection and comfort, and has a flap at the back of the hat with an adjustable Velcro touch fastener. Additionally, a padded cotton sweatband from inside the hat makes it even more comfy and firm. You can choose from a wide range of bright colours, one of which certainly matches the school colours, adding to the aesthetic style and ensuring a tidy look.

With a wide range of EzyCaps kids’ promotional caps we have, you can choose a cap of your liking that will help promoting your brand, company logo, or sporting club. Our vast array of kids’ hats is modern, stylish, and available in a range of colours which go well with any logo you might choose for printing. The Legionnaire has a lot of space where you can print any logo of your choosing, and the many colours serve as grounds for plenty of options.

It’s perfect for school yards or the sporting field, it’s well-made and built for durability and safety, not to mention the comfort it provides.

EzyCaps has a wide range of kid’s promotional caps suitable for schools, sporting clubs and organizations, and other community organizations. If you choose to use them as gifts or as standard promo merch, it is absolutely no problem. They are great for giveaways and they are a fantastic way to promote sun safety while at the same time promoting your own company or brand. You can never be too safe in the scorching sunlight.

So, whether you’re trying to protect yourself from the sun out in the field, or you are looking for a new way to promote your company or logo, or you’re simply gone fishing or camping, the Viscose Hat is what you’re after.

Ezycaps Chequered Flag Cap

A day at the races is nothing without the ultimate in chequered headwear. Nothing beats our Ezycaps Chequered Flag Cap. Our Ezycaps Chequered Flag cap is a regular characteristic headwear with brushed heavy cotton and it features a five-panel structure perfect for printing and branding your very own company logo or message. It is the ultimate in promoting your company or brand while making you feel like you’re at your “Days of Thunder”.

Look no further, for you’ve found your next business’ promotional idea. We have a wide array of caps to choose from for your business, but the Chequered Flag cap really takes the cake. You can choose for either promotional uses or for the true sportsmanship supporter, there are caps for everybody and for every occasion, just name it. Our caps are high quality, well-manufactured, comfy and modern.

If your company or organization is looking for ways to spruce up a better promotional campaign for your business, you can easily find the cap of your choice within our ranks. One such hat is the Chequered Flag cap. The cap is perfect for any occasion and it is great for any racing-themed events and it has space to flawlessly carry your embroidered and printed logo or message. An awesome way to promote your company logo with ease.

The cap features a structured low profile and a pre-curved peak with a fabric strap and buckle. It is a soft cap made to fit all head sizes, effortlessly and flexibly fitting to the wearer’s head size at his comfort. In simplicity lies greatness, but the main promotional feature is that the cap utilizes high-quality printing and embroidery which carries your message and brand logo with ease, while the sheer size of the cap’s area ensures any idea to be well-executed.

It is typical for the cap to be worn at the races, but it goes well with any companies’ logos. The Ezycaps Chequered Flag cap is also the perfect gift for the ones who are fans of the racing sports. The promotional utility is that the prints are guaranteed to stay and not fade for a very long time, ensuring your message or logo remains visible and noticed by all, not to mention the sheer durability and comfort it provides.

So, if your sport-themed company is in need of an excellent promotional item for any of your company’s endeavors, we have the perfect cap for you.

The Effects of Trade War on Branded Caps

The news has been full of reports about Donald Trumps new tariffs ona whole range of goods worth over AUD$120 billion against China. This is a trade conflict which has been brewing for some time now and has the potential to cause major headaches in global trade. President Trump was very forward about his intention to fight China in trade and their perceived protection of their own industries during the presidential election. Indeed it was very popular amongst his constituents. Now he has hit out with a whole range of tariffs with China reciprocating with its own. President Xi has also been trying to set a conciliatory tone in order to calm the situation.

Whilst the tariffs mainly only on Chinese goods entering the United States of America they have the potential to a profound effect on global trade. China is the second largest economy in the word and is the largest purchaser of commodities from a range of countries which including Australia. Any disruption to their supply chain can have a domino effect on the world economy according to leading economists. Any effect on China’s demand for commodities has the potential to exert downward pressure on prices. Similarly a cut in China’s own industrial production might push prices higher for consumer and promotional goods such as branded caps.

How this will effect promotional caps and branded caps is something that remains to be seen. Capss are manufactured from raw materials which are purchase on the international market like cotton. Therefore any movement in those raw material pricing can have an effect on baseball caps pricing. On the flip side if Chinese loses access to the US lanyard market then there may be excess supply of capss which could push prices lower for the rest of the world. So as you can see the effect of President Donald Trump’s new protectionist policies have on baseball cap pricing is a real concern to the promotional products and corporate merchandise industries.

Most caps are manufactured in China or other countries in Asian like Vietnam. If there is a disruption to the markets then one might expect a broader effect on the pricing of such products. Factories in countries like Vietnam might see opportunity to raise prices. What effect they will have we will have to wait and see.