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Straw Hats for promotional products

Straw Hats for Summer Promotions

You have probably heard already but it is only 3 weeks until Christmas. What that means is that is that time of year again. Time to break out the old cricket set. Time to give the old esky a clean. And time to get ready for yet another scorching summer. It is also time to think about what kind of Christmas gifts or corporate promotions you might want to prepare for your customers. Christmas is a great time to connect with your customer and show them how much you have appreciated their business. ...Read more

28 Nov, 2017

Promotional Truckers Cap are great for targeting millennials

Truckers Caps versus Baseball Caps for Promo

People often ask me what is the better cap for promo. Is it the truckers cap or baseball cap? To them I say it is like deciding which is my favourite child. I love all caps as they are comfortable to wear and are so popular people all over the word. They are such a versatile item of clothing that can be worn with any attire. Whether you are wearing a two thousand dollar suit or a pair of board short and singlet there is a cap for you. Whether it is a baseball cap or a truckers cap depends on the...Read more

17 Nov, 2017

Promotional Christmas Caps and Hats

Promotional Headwear for Christmas

As we all know christmas is just around the corner. It is that time of the year where we have to rack our brains as to what we will be giving our friends and family for Christmas. Unfortunately what is true for them is also true for our customers. How to show you dearest customer that you have appreciated their support during the year? How find them the perfect gift. Well one way is to ask EzyCaps. We have a huge range of quality headwear which is perfect so this gift giving season. While it mig...Read more

16 Nov, 2017

Straw Cowboy Hat branded with your company logo.

Market your Business with a Straw Hat

It may be an odd choice for some, but for businesses within the sporting and leisure markets, branded hats are a great way to promote products and services as well as your business in general. Promotional straw hats offer added sun protection and style, and allow you to market to a wider audience. A day at the cricket, a weekend music festival or a day out on the water, a straw hat is the way to go. Brand Republic offers a range of straw hats, suitable for any business in the sporting or leis...Read more

10 Jul, 2017

Promotional Truckers Cap are great for targeting millennials

Trucker Caps Great For Millennials

When looking for a custom cap for your next campaign targeting the millennial market look no further then the trucker cap. The truckers cap has become increasing popular in recent time and is often fund being integrated in fashion shoots and film clips of all kinds. What was once confined to truck drivers alone has become a cultural icon. Understanding millennials requires know who they are and what they represent. The millennial generation is generally characterised by an increased use and ...Read more

26 May, 2017

Promotional Hats

Southerner Oilskin Hat For A Rainy Day

Sydney and the East Coast have seem a huge amount of rain lately. It seems like a never ending wave of rain and storms has been hitting us. Even when it has stopped briefly the humidity has been a killer. At least we have winter to look forward to. This unseasonable weather is a great time to look at a nice water friendly hat for your next marketing campaign. We Aussie's love the outdoor and what better way to keep your head dry then the Southerner Oilskin Hat. This great hat is highly resistant...Read more

23 Mar, 2017

Custom Caps

Flat Peak Cool For Promo

Flat peak caps have come to be the go to cap for promo these days. Flat peak caps have become more and more prominent in popular culture as they have been embraced my pop icons like rap singers and RnB performers. When the likes of P Diddy and Kanye West started wearing the caps it was only natural that the youth of the word will jump on the band wagon. Flat peak caps have been around for some time though. They have been around practically since the baseball cap was invented. The curves peak...Read more

16 Feb, 2017

custom printed lanyards

ID Gear From Ezy Lanyards

If you are look for some ID items for your next promotional campaign look no further the Ezy Lanyards. Ezy Lanyards is a sister website of Ezy Caps and offers a huge range of printed lanyards, Wristbands and luggage straps. If you go to the website you will find the largest range of ID products in the market. Ezy Lanyards offer a great range of printing and branding options to ensure that you will get what you need for your next event. Amongst other things they offer a great sublimation...Read more

14 Feb, 2017

Eco Caps

Hemp Cap Great For Promotions

Businesses have been using promotional caps for years to help bring awareness to their business, and there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be utilising them as well. Functional and a great marketing tool, the style of hat you choose should reflect your business. For those businesses who make a point to care about the environment, the branded Hemp Cap could very well be your next marketing tool. The Hemp Hat is eco-friendly, and combines the natural strength of help with the softne...Read more

22 Jan, 2017

Promotional Christmas Caps and Hats

Custom Caps for Christmas

The festive season is upon us finally. Another year is nearly past and Christmas is around the corner. Christmas traditional is the time for gift giving and what better Christmas gift to give your beloved customers then a custom branded cap. Here at Ezycaps we have a extensive range of caps & hats; baseball caps sports caps one fit caps brushed cotton caps themed caps Our caps can be branded with your logo with embroidery or print depending on the style cap. So if y...Read more

23 Nov, 2016

Promotional Caps

Baseball Caps Great for Promo

History of Baseball Caps The history of baseball caps begins in 1860. At the time the Brooklyn Excelsiors were seen to wear the ancestor of the modern rounded-top baseball cap, which incorporated a long peak and a button on top. By 1900, this style of cap became know as the "Brooklyn style" cap. The baseball cap continued to evolve during the 20th century to include stiffening material inside the hat and the peak, which  protect player's eyes from the sun. The hat has become more structure...Read more

14 Nov, 2016

Welcome to Ezycaps

Welcome to EzyCaps website. Ezycaps are a leading supplier of custom headwear in the Australian market. We have been supplying promotional apparel including caps for years now. We supply customers throughout Australia. Ezycaps has an extensive range of caps and headwear for promotional purposes. Our extensive range includes everything from your basic baseball cap to visors and straw caps. We have caps and headwear in our range for both adults and kids. Our extensive range and branding opti...Read more

17 Sep, 2016

Custom Promotional Caps & Hats